Why Do So Many Men That Don’t Want a Relationship Join Online Dating Sites?

Guys will do just about anything for potential chances of having sex. Some men don’t feel entirely comfortable going up to women in bars or clubs and beginning to chat, they prefer to join online dating sites instead and this even maximizes their odds of meeting available and willing women.

Online dating services are there to service all kinds of statuses, even that of married men or women looking for casual and discreet encounters and much more.

However, if a guy asked you out on a date that you met online and during the date he tells you he’s not interested in pursuing a relationship, though his profile states differently, perhaps, he’s just not feeling any true chemistry with you. Though, this doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have sex with you.

If this has happened to you, consider it an odd way for a guy to give you a compliment while remaining somewhat honest and not leading you on. It’s odd but not misleading and gives you an option: Sex or no sex?

Meanwhile, remember that men are always on the prowl for sex, whether or not they’re looking for a serious relationship or not. When you meet a guy online always keep this in mind: It doesn’t really matter if you’re the right girl for him or not, sex is always a perk that in most cases they won’t allow to pass on.

Don’t believe everything you read on a profile. If you’re already a member of an online dating site, you might as well take the time to chat or video chat and get a real feel of this guy. Why jump the gun and go on a date without even talking to the guy? This is the main reason online dating sites were created. Feel out your online cutie before you go out and meet him. However, don’t drag this process out for too long either, guys get real impatient.

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