What To Do When You Have To Choose Between Two Men

Many women have been in a situation where they have to choose who the best choice is for them when deciding between two different men. You might be wondering “How did it come to this?” or “Why did I put myself in this situation?” This can easily happen when you are going on dates with several guys. You might find yourself truly liking two guys. You haven’t done anything wrong up to this point as going on dates doesn’t mean you are completely exclusive to either man.

Follow these simple steps to help make your decision easier:

1. Give Yourself Space: Just because you are dating two different guys doesn’t mean that all of your free time has to be split between the two. You need to have your own space, so that you can think about which guy you want to be exclusive to.

2. No Social Network Updates: Do not update your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr accounts with photos from your weekend with either guy because those pictures or updates will surely make their way back to both guys. No need to post anything until you choose which guy you want a relationship with.

3. White Lies Are Okay: Little white lies are okay for this particular situation. If one of your men ask you want you did last Friday and you were hanging out with the other guy, he technically doesn’t need to know about this. Just say you were hanging out with a friend.

4. Breakdown Your Experiences: You can’t date two guys forever as it will get complicated and you will eventually want to settle down. At this point you need to compare your feelings for each guy and see how they feel with you. Make your decision.

5. Make Your Decision: Once you make your decision of who you want to make your boyfriend it will be time to let the other guy go. Tell him that you have had a great time spending time with him, but that you don’t see it really going anywhere. You don’t need to give a full on explanation.

At this point all you have to do is enjoy your new found relationship and make sure it is a healthy and successful one. Enjoy the experiences and time you and your new boyfriend will experience together.

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