What Does A Promise Ring Mean, Exactly?

When a promise ring is given to a woman, it’s filled with promise as it clearly indicates/states. It’s meant to make you anticipate something much bigger and deeper. A promise ring promises that in the coming future there will be a wedding and that you shall live happily ever after. But can it mean something entirely different?

Yes, on the other hand, a promise ring is often given to women by men so that they buy some time and to keep the girl around in the name of this “promise ring” that in reality is nonbinding and it’s not equivalent to the promise it represents. The only value a promise ring usually has is the cost of it. Sadly, some women become so “wowed” by the bling that they loose total focus on the true intention of this ring. This often leads to disillusions and false hopes. Though, everything has an upside and a promise ring does as well.

Not all men that give their girlfriend’s promise rings are trying to buy time or any other sleazy, bad intentions. Some guys really want to give their girlfriends something beautiful to look forward to and they show it by gifting them with a promise ring- one that holds true value and not a monetary one, filled with false hope.

When you’re given a promise ring, you should always remain on your toes and not get blinded by the sparkling rock. Keep things in perspective and don’t be afraid to ask, What does this promise ring really mean?

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