Urban Decay Gives Up Cruelty Free Methods To Sell Products In China

Urban Decay is one of the top selling cosmetic companies that value in cruelty free products. The company was established back in 1996 and was one of the first few brands to adopt the Leaping Bunny Logo, which stands for animal cruelty free testing, and even developed a “How Could Anyone?” campaign that was intended to raise awareness about animal testing in the cosmetic industry. Well, on June 6th of 2012, the company announced that they will be selling their products in China where the law is that all cosmetic products have to go through a mandatory animal testing. Urban Decay is doing a complete 180 flip and is going back on the moral roots that the company was founded on. This announcement has made many loyal customers outraged and has caused several petitions to be formed in order to stop this movement into China.

So far, Urban Decay representatives have taken down their original press release statement, that was in fact full of lies, and have simply added “Urban Decay is planning to sell our products in China” onto their website.

At this point the Leaping Bunny Logo has been stripped from all Urban Decay products as they will no longer be selling cruelty free products. It has been extremely bothersome that a company who once pride themselves of making vegan products and had a strong cruelty free stance in the world has now turned their backs on their original belief and morals just to try to make extra money in a foreign country; in which they choose the worst country to sell their products too as China is known for their not so friendly methods of treating animals. There are alternate ways to test cosmetic products and these practices have been done for years now. In fact, Europe will be passing a law for animal testing to be ceased.

If you would like for your voice to be heard then sign both of these internet based petitions and share them with all of your friends and encourage them to do so as well. Animal cruelty has to stop and it will only do so when the voices of those unite and come together. Below are two petition links that desperately need your signatures.

Change Petition

PETA Petition

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