Twilight Co-Stars “Charlie Bewley & Daniel Cudmore” Defend Kristen Stewart Regarding Cheating Scandal

Kristen Stewart was not always Hollywood’s favorite starlet as she rebuked much of the attention tossed at her. However, during the Summer, Kristen Stewart managed to become “America’s Most Hated Woman” which honestly is a bit of a stretch. It’s not like she killed puppies or anything of the sort, though she did lead a fling with Rupert Sanders who was her director in “Snow White and the Huntsmen.” Moreover, Rupert Sanders was and is married to British model- Liberty Ross and is the father of their two children. In short, Kristen got the short end of the stick and all the blame, hate and terrible publicity was mainly aimed at her for cheating on her heart throb boyfriend and co-star in the “Twilight Saga“, Robert Pattinson.

After nearly two months of separation, Rob decided to give Kristen Stewart another chance who had gone into hiatus for about a month. Prior to her disappearance she stated a public apology to Rob and to anyone she might have hurt. Now that the couple is back together, they’re many orange juiceors and speculations stating that they’re “reunion” is nothing but a publicity stunt devised by “Summit Movies” to further promote the last installment of the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, which will premiere on November 12 in Los Angeles and Rob and Kristen are expected to attend this epic, “Twilight” event in unison.

What is really cool after this scandalous, cheating fiasco and the doubts of the couple truly getting back together is that two co-stars of the Twilight Saga- Charlie Bewley and Daniel Cudmore who play the roles of ” Vulturi Vampires- “Demetri and Felix” have spoken in K-Stew’s defense/behalf. I suppose they feel bad for her after the beating she’s gotten for her tryst. During a recent interview with “Us Weekly Magazine,” Daniel Cudmore stated regarding Kristen: “You know what: I think it’s ridiculous that people talk about people’s lives, yet we’re in an industry where their lives, our lives, are out in the public. I mean, s–t, 22 years old. Think of how many mistakes you made at 22 years old. Like, I made a million. The problem is we’re in the spotlight, but, whatever. It’s a relationship, and people go through ups and downs and they have their problems.”

Meanwhile, Charlie Bewley stated: “Honestly, I used to cheat so much it would be very hypocritical of me to pass judgment on Kristen. I know what it’s like to have an inflated libido. Probably why I’m not in a relationship right now.” Both actors are 31 years old and appear to have a more understanding and laid back view on the ordeal/cheating scandal of the year.

Surely, what Kristen Stewart did was wrong and though she’s 22 years old, she’s old enough to know the difference. In fact, she realizes this herself. Robert Pattinson didn’t have to take her back and fans didn’t have to applaud her on her mistake, but the stoning she received was truly uncalled for. At some point I really feared that Kristen Stewart was facing a public beheading in some grand arena in Hollywood.

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