Top 5 Things Women Dislike About Their Boyfriends

No two people are alike and when people come together to be in a relationship there will obviously be some things that will annoy you both. Don’t worry because this is completely normal and will happen in every relationship that you will be in. The point is that most of the things a man does will be annoying to you, but you have to figure out which are small and which are big issues. There is no point in constantly fighting with a man if he doesn’t put the toilet seat back down after he uses it because you feel disrespected that he didn’t put it down for you. It’s an inconvenience for him as well every time he has to use the bathroom right after you and has to put the toilet seat up for his bathroom needs. Most women don’t think about it in that way and they should start.

Top 5 Things Women Dislike About Their Boyfriends:

1. Romance Is Lost: Women love to be in a relationship where the man has the ability to be romantic every once in awhile. When their boyfriend feels that he can only be romantic when they are behind closed doors to participate in a grown up activity, this really turns off a woman. It makes her feel like she is not worth anything but only sex.

2. Bros For Life: Women cannot stand when their boyfriend feels the need to always invite his friends over or he is continuously putting his friends first. When a man does this he sends out a signal to his girlfriend that she will never be a top priority for him and that she isn’t number one but in fact number 4, 5 or 6.

3. Taking A Peek At Other Women: Women truly dislike when their boyfriends check out other women in front of them. Actually, women don’t like it when their man is checking out another woman period. It’s simply disrespectful to her and the other woman. It’s normal in a sense to glance at another human being, but when he is giving a full on creepy stare at another woman that is a no go.

4. Insecurities: Everyone has some type of insecurity, but when a man overly displays it that simply becomes an unattractive quality of a man. When a woman sees this she will be automatically put off and clearly doesn’t want to deal with it. A woman needs a confident and strong man to be by her side.

5. Being A Slob: Women usually keep themselves looking good at all times. They want their man to do the same as well. When a man skips showers, dresses in dirty clothes and doesn’t do his hair (if he has hair to work with); then this sends up a big red flag to his girlfriend. She doesn’t want to be embarrassed in public by his lack of hygiene.

There are definitely more things that annoy women about the men in their lives, but the five listed about are truly on top. If your man is doing something that annoys and bothers you don’t be afraid to talk to him about it and see if you both can come up with some type of agreement to improve whatever the issue is. If the relationship is good, then make is work.

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