Top 5 Summer Hair Color Ideas

There are a few women who love changing their hair color with the seasons, well summer is already here and it is that time to change your color. Changing your hair color can give you a boost of confidence and bring your sexy back. Even if you have never dyed your hair in the past you can still try out one of these summer hair colors that are listed below. This list contains a hair change for every type of woman. Doesn’t matter what your age or style is; you will find something on this list that you will be dying to try out.

Top 5 Summer Hair Color Ideas:

1. Subtle Highlights:

If you are afraid to dye your entire head of hair you can try experimenting with a subtle highlights which are great for those who have naturally dark hair. For instance, if your hair is black or dark brown you can strive for medium-light honey brown highlights.

2. Funky Bright Colors:

You can add funky bright colors to your hair in the form of highlights, only the ends or if you are bold your entire head of hair. What I mean by funky bright colors are pinks, reds, purples, blues, etc. Get wild this summer!

3. Shades of Blonde:

You can create a wide range of shades of blonde. I am not talking about bleach blonde hair, but multidimensional highlights are amazing in creating that perfect shade of blonde that is catered to your face.

4. Honey Brown Red:

A honey brown red is totally the shade of red that is in style this year for summer. The color does well on a lot of different skin tones.

5. Medium Brown and Subtle Highlights:

This look is great for any season of the year, but I truly love it for a summer look. A shade of medium brown with subtle blonde highlights is such a hot and fun look. I personally like when the subtle blonde highlights are done within the hair and from the middle to the bottoms. The highlights are not necessary to be processed from the roots.

I hope all you wonderful women will try out any one of these awesome summer hair color ideas as it will definitely bring out your inner sexy self. Have fun ladies!

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