Top 5 Quirky Romantic Movies Of All Time

On this installment of Just Women we’re going to explore a few romantic movies that for some reason just miss top lists all the time, yet they’re truly romantic, nonetheless. There’s quite a few of these, but we’re going to tap into what we’d like to call the “Top 5 Quirky Romantic Movies Of All Time.” These movies are hot, cool, sometimes extremely violent, quirky, funny, sad and disturbing but best of all, they’re all so very romantic.

  • #5- Edward Scissorhands- Starring Johnny Depp & Winona Ryder, Directed by Tim Burton.
  • #4- Wild At Heart- Starring Nicholas Cage & Laura Dern, Directed by David Lynch.
  • #3- Punch Horny Love- Starring Adam Sandler & Emily Watson, Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.
  • #2- Boxing Helena- Starring Julian Sands & Sherilyn Fenn, Directed by Jennifer Chambers Lynch.
  • #1- True Romance- Starring Christian Slater & Patricia Arquette, Directed by Tony Scott.

You may recognize some of these titles while others may be foreign to you. But one thing is certain- all these movies deal with romance in the most extreme of circumstances. Rolling with obsession and lust while others slither violently and obscurely as they discover love. These are all must see Quirky Romantic Movies that will certainly leave you with somewhat of an impact. They’re all somewhat over the top much like romance and love is.


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