Top 5 Great Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Women

There are some last minute male shoppers out there that have no idea what to purchase their wives, girlfriends, mothers, mother in laws, sister or whatever female figure in their live. No worries gentlemen we have the answer you are looking for on what do you purchase for that special woman in your life. These are makeup gifts, but in all honesty what woman doesn’t enjoy at least one makeup item as a gift for Christmas or in fact for any special occasion. Here are the Top 5 Great Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Women that they will truly love.

1. Naked Basics: This is a small matte palette of 6 eyeshadows and is great for any woman who is a beginner, expert or makeup fanatic to own. The palette is made by Urban Decay and is sold online or at cosmetic stores such as Ulta and Sephora. You can quickly pick up this wonderful neutral matte palette today on your way home.

2. Naked Skin: This “weightless ultra definition liquid makeup” comes in 18 different shades, so you will find the perfect match. This is also made by Urban Decay and can be found at Ulta and Sephora stores. This foundation is perfect for women who do not desire caked on makeup or foundation that clogs and feels heavy on their face. Women who desire to look flawless without the hassle of heavy duty makeup should own this liquid foundation.

3. Original/Sin Eyeshadow Primer Potion Duo: This primer is perfect for those women who love applying eyeshadow on, but hates the fact that after a few hours their eyeshadow has creased or faded away. This product is also sold by Urban Decay and can be found at Ulta and Sephora stores. This duo package is a great buy as you get two primers for almost the price of one.

4. Naked Palatte: This is an all time favorite for all makeup lovers as it comes with 12 eyeshadows which are a combination of glitter, shimmer and matte. This set allows a woman to come up with countless of looks and styles that will cater to any event she attends. This gift can be purchased at an Ulta or Sephora store.

5. Matte Eye Shadow Collection: This is another matte eyeshadow collection that is made by Too Faced and it features 9 eyeshadows. You might be wondering what is the different between this matte eyeshadow palette and the Naked Basics, well this eyeshadow palette comes with 3 more colors and a few fun colors while the Naked Basics is solely neutral colors.

Hopefully, all of you men that are reading this are making your way to Ulta or Sephora today to purchase one or more of these great gifts for women. Trust me your woman is going to love any of these gifts!

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