Top 5 Cheap & Chic Sunglasses For Women Under $20

There is something about having the perfect sunglasses as an accessory for any outfit that makes us women smile. These cool shades gives women the confidence to go out and tackle the world during the day. The only problem is collecting new sunglasses can leave a woman a bit broke from time to time. You don’t have to spend $100 on every single pair of sunglasses you want. There are lots of cheap and chic sunglasses that a woman can purchase to save a few bucks.

Below is the Top 5 Cheap & Chic Sunglasses Under $20:

1. Aviator:

These sexy shades go great for when you are out on the town during the weekend. They are incredibly chic with a hit of badass. You can pick up a pair of these shades at Express for around $20.

2. Simple Black:

This is just a classic style and the color black will pretty match every outfit you own. A woman always needs the color back for every item she owns such as black cocktail dress, black heels and black clutch. These shades you can get anywhere for around $10.

3. Ombre, Vintage Look:

This type of shade has a 70s feel to them due to their shape and the price is amazing for “vintage” look as they will run you about $6 at stores such as Forever 21.

4. Oversized:

Any oversized shade is incredibly trendy and many celebrities sport these types of shades on a daily basis. This style can be found for around $10 in stores such as PacSun.

5. Two Tone with Animal Print:

Animal prints are making their way around to every single item. Having a cute pair of shades that sports an animal print is super chic. This style of shade will run you about $12 anywhere.

There are of course other shades and brands you might want, but remember you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg just to sport a cool looking pair of sunglasses.

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