Top 10 Most Heart Wrenching Break Up Songs Part #2

Just Women Blog is back with the second installment to the Top 5 Most Heart Wrenching Break Up Songs. Again, we’re focusing on songs that we play “pre” and “post” break ups. Songs that for some reason intensify the pain of a break up but we can’t help ourselves but to indulge in these moving but tragic tunes. I suppose we’re all naturally masochistic in some ways. In other ways, music is a form of expression, if you can’t compose your own song, you turn to your favorite artists for some heart wrenching, skin crawling, tear festive songs as we go through the hurdles of a a break up. The following songs vary in genre but certainly have similar effects on different individuals.

Sinéad O’Connor- “Nothing Compares To You”

Basically, in this song this woman is so broken that no matter what she does, even being with other men, can’t rip the memories of her lost love. Freedom, boys, fancy restaurants, nothing at all can put “life” back into any of her surroundings. Truly epic, break up song. If you don’t feel this one, you may not have a soul.

I know that living with you baby was sometimes hard, but I’m willing to give it another try…

No Doubt- Don’t Speak

She knows it’s over he doesn’t have to say the words, she feels it in every single fiber of her soul- that it’s over. The saddest part is, not only is she loosing her lover but her best friend. She pleads “Don’t Speak!” There’s no need for words when you already know and your heart and soul are already going through excruciating, shattering pain.

George Michael- “One More Try”

This song is just killer! The singer pleads with his lover to please tell him if he loves him or not- to cut him loose if he doesn’t. He’s pleading to be set free from this uncertainly though at the same time he’s dreading saying goodbye to his “teacher.” It’s a double dose of pain. It’s pretty awful. George Michael does a superb job conveying heartbreak through this song. It’s a beautiful and depressing song because at the end, after all the pleading and what not, he’s willing to give it “One More Try.”

Slipknot- Vermillion 2

A man struggles with his obsession of a significant other that may or may not be real. However, the fact that she’s gone, is evident.  She’s a life support of sorts. She filters everything negative out, she stretches across his shame…But she’s unattainable. What’s more painful than to have a taste of something so purifying to your soul but not being able to posses it?

Leonard Cohen- Suzanne

In this very heart breaking song, the struggle is that “Suzanne” is perfect in her insanity. Her very craziness is the only thing that is keeping him by her, because truly he has no love to give her. The tragedy is that she’s perfectly naive, in love, giving, magical; he sees all of this, goes as far as to comparing this beauty to Jesus, but he doesn’t love her. Sure he’s enchanted, but not enough. It’s a cruel song, but if someone had to shatter my heart, I’d choose Mr. Cohen. He can make the cruelest insults sound like poetry.

If you’re moved by music and currently going through a break up, separation, divorce or any kind of heart shattering moment with your significant other, these songs are going to certainly stir you up and tear you all up. Keep your tissue box close and let it out. It’s the best anyone can do when going through break ups. We sure hope this selection of heart wrenching songs can at least alleviate the excess amount of tears your eyes hold, threatening to over spill at any given moment.

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