The “Wild Wild West” Is Back With the Latest Gun Holster Fashion

The new Gun Holster Fashion has been springing up in random places but surely leaving it’s mark. The gun holster fashion look is now being adopted by various establishments as their uniforms or required wardrobe/look such as the employees in Scotch and Soda. This is just one of the many establishments/business owners that have adopted this look.

Naturally, employees that are required to incorporate this style as part of their uniforms are not carrying guns. Instead they use it to store their notepads, pens, and any other small items you may want to put in the gun holster. It’s certainly a look that brings the “Wild, Wild West” back.

Hoda Designs who are jewelry designers have also adopted the refreshing but also, intimidating look to store their phones and wallets, rather than having their typical purse or handbag, they prefer this edgier look.

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If you’re looking for some edge in your style or want to make a statement- such as the “right to bare arms” (2nd Amendment) the Gun Holster Fashion would be a wonderful way in doing so. You can look totally bad ass, while making a political statement.

Also, if you’re just looking for something cool in which you can keep your small items- such as a pen, compact, lip balm or any other small items you will love the gun holster. The Gun Holster is great for this, as it offers limited space for people that don’t carry tons of things with them. The gun holster is extremely compact!

The Gun Holster Fashion is available in an array of styles and they have holsters for both women and men.







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