The Special Ingredient To Mind Blowing Sex

It’s a bummer when you’re dating someone you truly like but when you hit the sack, it’s really not all that. Not because he’s not good or vice versa, but because there’s just something missing when the two of you get naked and get down and dirty or better yet…”attempt.” Everyone, whether they’re aware of it or not crave a perfect physical connection. This is what results in mind blowing sex, usually. The bodies have to fancy each other to have Earth chattering results.

If you’re lacking chemistry in the bedroom with your new guy despite the obvious connection there is a special ingredient that we all luckily possess, free of charge that should ignite things in the bedroom for you and your main squeeze.

This secret ingredient for mind blowing sex is called: Kissing. Kissing is the ultimate turn on. It can literally kick things off the stadium. The more you kiss through out the days and weeks, the more you and your guy are going to want each other. You see, when you kiss you get a dose of testosterone from your man’s saliva. The more you kiss, the more doses of testosterone you receive which causes galore of arousal.

Kissing should naturally be real helpful in turning up the heat in the bedroom for couples. But if the bodies continue to disagree and you still feel like there’s something missing, then it’s time to spill out the truth. The fact of the matter is, that you can’t fake true chemistry, either it’s there or it isn’t. Some couples might need a little more time than others but when you reach your threshold, be honest and be sure you’re not naked…

Talking about issues such as sex, lack of chemistry in sex while being naked is truly uncomfortable and it makes you feel three times more vulnerable and your partner.

Good luck with the special ingredient to mind blowing sex. It will take you to unexpected heights of euphoria. Use freely, love passionately and deeply and always be true to yourself and your partner.

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