The ‘Being a Bitch’ Culture/Trend Should Re Analyzed & Severed

It would be an understatement to say that women have gone above and beyond to show exactly how heartless and mean they are. This is the way that many women show how very confident, self- assured and in control they are. This is the kind of garbage that has been imbedded into women’s minds through ridiculous/fake “reality shows” such as “The Bad Girls Club,” “The Real Housewives,” “The Bachelor,” “The Millionaire Matchmaker” and many more.

I’m not trying to imply to dislike these reality TV shows. They’re suppose to be entertaining, utterly ridiculous & fun. But when you adopt the behaviors of the women of such shows that get off by bringing each other down and stabbing each other in the back- is this really who you want to be? Is this what you think is cool and empowering? If you do, well, then you’re an impressionable 20 year old, or worse, you’re an almost old bitter hag, that’s resorted to being a mean bitch to feel better about yoursself on the backs and misfortunes of others. Isn’t that just pathetic?

Whatever happened to shows such as “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Xena” where they held their friendships so close to their hearts, it almost conveyed as female romances? Sadly, shows of this nature hardly have room in today’s- Bitch Culture in which all shows are packing with mean girls/women that are considered strong, beautiful and successful by the majority of the population.

Do you enjoy being brain washed? How is making fun of someone for their short comings in fashion nice or empowering? It’s cruel and thoughtless. It really makes you look ugly! How can you possibly think that being a total bitch can make you more attractive, seductive or wanted. You’re wrong, it simply makes you mean!

If men is what you’re after, most of them will prefer a woman that’s a little less “empowered,” if you will, for a woman that can extend a generous and genuine action. That’s what an empowered woman does! She extends her hand to her fellow “sister” that just slipped and fell. One that offers comforting words to a stranger that she spots crying. If that is not empowering, I don’t what is? However, one thing is for sure, watching a woman fall and turning your head to giggle and poke fun with another mean girl isn’t. Ladies wake up from the Bitch Culture/Trend! It’s unbecoming of you.

Continue watching and listening to music that promotes these behaviors (You should be able to handle it without a disgraceful change in your personality.) But don’t you have a mind of your own? Just because these shows are entertaining doesn’t mean you have to reenact these women. For the most part they are simply acting and are under contract. Maybe they are real enemies, but you just might be, being taken for a ride and these Real Housewives are truly good friends that would go into battle for each other like Xena would for her BFF.

You might consider watching one of these truly women empowering movies. Where the bonds are tight and the women show true grit and spine. Truly, the kind of women we should aspire to be. Powerful but subtle. Beautiful but humble. Kind but not stupid and so and so forth…

¬†#1. Thelma and Louise- This movie is by far the definition of “girl power” and true friendship. This flick will make mad, sad, cry, laugh and then cry some more. Two women truly liberated from not only men but culture and anything else in between.

#2. Fried Green Tomatoes- Again in this movie illustrates the beautiful bond between two women. It’s funny, its sad and most of all- it is inspiring to the very core.

¬†#3. Practical Magic- This movie taps into magic, but moreover, the magic of sisterhood and all women coming together to get rid evil. It’s a charming movie, also funny and truly moving.

At the end of the day, women’s biggest oppressor is Culture, Trends and Fads. Who do you think puts these fads out there? Really, take a few moments and re-analyze the Bitch- Culture Trend, especially if you feel you’ve fallen under it’s grip. Sever this illusion¬† of mean women equals “Powerful” and use your noggin and your heart. You will find the true inner strength that you bestow through wit and kindness.


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