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Kristen Stewart Reveals Converse Obsession Secret

Kristen Stewart is known for mostly wearing Converse shoes while she is on the red carpet or for any other event she is part of. Most people think that she is clearly obsessed with these types of shoes. People usually assume that was just her style to be comfortable and laid back, but she has a hidden reason to why she wears Converse or Vans and the reason is for her fans. You might be thinking why would she wear them for her fans?

The answer to that question is so that she can sign more autographs. If she is wearing pumps and is walking down a long red carpet, she isn’t going to be too comfortable. If she isn’t comfortable, she isn’t going to stop often and hang out with fans taking pictures and signing autographs.

Stewart recently revealed in an interview that other female celebrities are “more concerned about looking pretty in your heels,” and she suggests, “you’re walking slowly down the line. Put a pair of sneakers on.” See Twilight fans she loves you all!

This young actress is all about being comfortable walking red carpets, doing promotions, interviews, etc. But her main objective is to be able to connect with fans as much as she possibly can. She realizes that without her fans she is nothing as they are the ones who help her to raise to where she is at in her career.

Stewart has mentioned in recent interviews that it’s a bittersweet feeling being finally done with the Twilight series, but she has grown extremely close with everyone she has worked with over the past 5 years.

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Twilight Co-Stars “Charlie Bewley & Daniel Cudmore” Defend Kristen Stewart Regarding Cheating Scandal

Kristen Stewart was not always Hollywood’s favorite starlet as she rebuked much of the attention tossed at her. However, during the Summer, Kristen Stewart managed to become “America’s Most Hated Woman” which honestly is a bit of a stretch. It’s not like she killed puppies or anything of the sort, though she did lead a fling with Rupert Sanders who was her director in “Snow White and the Huntsmen.” Moreover, Rupert Sanders was and is married to British model- Liberty Ross and is the father of their two children. In short, Kristen got the short end of the stick and all the blame, hate and terrible publicity was mainly aimed at her for cheating on her heart throb boyfriend and co-star in the “Twilight Saga“, Robert Pattinson.

After nearly two months of separation, Rob decided to give Kristen Stewart another chance who had gone into hiatus for about a month. Prior to her disappearance she stated a public apology to Rob and to anyone she might have hurt. Now that the couple is back together, they’re many orange juiceors and speculations stating that they’re “reunion” is nothing but a publicity stunt devised by “Summit Movies” to further promote the last installment of the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, which will premiere on November 12 in Los Angeles and Rob and Kristen are expected to attend this epic, “Twilight” event in unison.

What is really cool after this scandalous, cheating fiasco and the doubts of the couple truly getting back together is that two co-stars of the Twilight Saga- Charlie Bewley and Daniel Cudmore who play the roles of ” Vulturi Vampires- “Demetri and Felix” have spoken in K-Stew’s defense/behalf. I suppose they feel bad for her after the beating she’s gotten for her tryst. During a recent interview with “Us Weekly Magazine,” Daniel Cudmore stated regarding Kristen: “You know what: I think it’s ridiculous that people talk about people’s lives, yet we’re in an industry where their lives, our lives, are out in the public. I mean, s–t, 22 years old. Think of how many mistakes you made at 22 years old. Like, I made a million. The problem is we’re in the spotlight, but, whatever. It’s a relationship, and people go through ups and downs and they have their problems.”

Meanwhile, Charlie Bewley stated: “Honestly, I used to cheat so much it would be very hypocritical of me to pass judgment on Kristen. I know what it’s like to have an inflated libido. Probably why I’m not in a relationship right now.” Both actors are 31 years old and appear to have a more understanding and laid back view on the ordeal/cheating scandal of the year.

Surely, what Kristen Stewart did was wrong and though she’s 22 years old, she’s old enough to know the difference. In fact, she realizes this herself. Robert Pattinson didn’t have to take her back and fans didn’t have to applaud her on her mistake, but the stoning she received was truly uncalled for. At some point I really feared that Kristen Stewart was facing a public beheading in some grand arena in Hollywood.

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Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson’s Real Life Wedding Even More Epic Than Bella & Edward’s Wedding In Twilight’s Breaking Dawn #1

Apparently, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have wedding plans and you can expect the wedding date anytime this year. Robert Pattinson gave Kristen Stewart a beautiful ring with an emerald stone, since Kristen is not a big fan of diamonds like most women are. I’m under the impression that she might not fancy diamonds because not only is she unique and can think for herself but we suspect she realizes that to get such a stone on your finger, some poor child or under nourished slave in Africa was put to work through rigorous hours to find a precious diamond/rock.

Moving along, the serious, fidgety, green eyed beauty- Kristen Stewart, does not desire an elaborate wedding either, she wants it simple but profound as their love and commitment is. They plan on writing out their own vows and Robert Pattinson is writing a song for her, which he will sing and play on his guitar for her during their wedding day.

Kristen Stewart is a big fan of Robert’s music and musical talent and this is by far the greatest gift. They plan to marry in Brazil on a beach and/or island, which is much like in Twilight’s, Breaking Dawn Part #1 in which Bella and Edward marry in “Isle Esme” which was in Rio De Janeiro.

However, her dress is going to be much more simpler than “Bella’s” over the top wedding gown. Kristen Stewart wants something classy, but comfortable. So comfortable, that they plan to marry barefoot. Surely, there won’t be as much glitter and gold; diamonds and smoke and mirrors. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s real life wedding is going to surpass Bella & Edward’s wedding. Surely, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s wedding is going to be a gorgeous and most epic event.


Beside You” by Van Morrison will be played at the wedding. Both stars are fans of the great Classic Rock lyricist, much like myself. This is definitely one celebrity wedding I’m looking forward to it’s manifestation.

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