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5 Makeup Looks That Men Hate

Last week we discussed the types of makeup looks that men really enjoy and if you didn’t get a chance to look at that particular article, then take the time now to check out the 5 Makeup Looks That Men Love. Today, we will take a look into what men don’t like on a woman’s face. There are tons of looks that men just find unattractive, but there are those very common makeup looks that men ultimately dislike. Take a look at the 5 Makeup Looks That Men Hate:

1. Drag Queen Makeup:

When a woman puts on too much eye makeup that makes her look like a performer on a drag queen show men are automatically uninterested in this woman.

2. Santa Clause Rosey Cheeks:

There is no problem with a woman wearing blush, but when she over does it and looks like the jolly old man that is just a big no no.

3. Slapped By The Sun:

Bronzer is great as it gives any woman that extra glow, but when she puts too much on to look as if she was burnt by the sun she makes herself look undesirable.

4. Caked On Foundation:

Most men don’t mind when a woman puts on a bit of foundation, but when she goes overboard and gives herself a thick, cakey layer of foundation men are uninterested. He is wondering at this point what you are really hiding under all of that makeup.

5. Neon Lipstick:

Even though neon lipstick colors are amazing and great for certain photo shoots they don’t particularly look great on romantic dates. Most women cannot wear neon color lipsticks, because it doesn’t match their skin tone and features.

If you are guilty of any of these makeup mistakes, then quickly make the change as you might be hurting your chances of finding love. Your face is the first thing men see and you don’t want to scare him off because of your poor makeup choices.

Top 5 Makeup Mistakes Women Tend To Make

When it comes to makeup most women are absolutely in love with products for the face, eyes and lips. Makeup is cosmetics that women use to make themselves look amazing for a full day and night of fun. When a woman makes certain makeup mistakes it can turn into a complete disaster and actually make the woman look horrible. Think about it, with the perfect match foundation a woman’s face can absolutely look flawless, but with the wrong match foundation the woman’s face will look like a hot mess of unevenness.

Top 5 Makeup Mistakes Women Tend To Make:

Makeup Mistake #1: Wearing Foundation On Overly, Dry & Flaky Skin

Foundation needs to be used on skin that has been exfoliated, especially those who have extra dry and flaky skin. When you put foundation on flaky skin it will make your skin look dry, even more so flaky, cracked and simply unhealthy. That of course is what you do not want people to see and notice. If your skin is dry or flaky make sure to exfoliate and then moisturize your face. After you have done this then you may apply liquid foundation and even it out on your face.

Makeup Mistake # 2: Wrong Shade Of Concealer

Many women and even female celebrities have made this mistake countless of times. For some reason they tend to use a much lighter shade of concealer for under their eyes. Using a lighter concealer will give you a raccoon type style of eyes and that is not the look you are looking for. Make sure to use an exact match to your skin tone.

Makeup Mistake # 3: Not Blending

It is very important to make sure you blend your makeup whether it is your foundation, blush or eye shadow. You don’t want to have any hard lines on your face as it is not very flattering. Blending is super important as it will help your face look overall smooth and flawless.

Makeup Mistake # 4: Over Using Luminizer

Every woman wants to look gorgeous and glowing, but sometimes a woman over does it with a luminizer. Luminizers are meant to give you a shimmery and glow tone, but if you use too much of it, then you will look ultra greasy. If you already have oily or acne skin applying too much luminizer will make your acne stand out and make your face appear even greasier.

Makeup Mistake # 5: Over Using Black Eye Shadow

Yes, using black eye shadow can be very chic, but when a woman is over applying and making herself look as if she has a black eye is never a good idea. If you are trying to achieve a smokey eye look then use colors such as gunmetal and silver to help achieve the look. Most smokey eye looks don’t use too much of the black eye shadow as it does with black eye liner, gunmetal and silver.

If you learn how to match your foundation, concealer and learn to blend; you are already a step ahead of the rest. Learning and practicing certain makeup techniques will definitely help you achieve amazing looks for whenever you want to apply makeup on. Now the only thing you need to know about is the Top 5 Summer Hair Color Ideas.