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Review: Urban Decay Launched New Revolution Lipstick Line

A few months back Urban Decay had discontinued their lipstick, which left many fans disappointed. In fact, the original price tag of those lipsticks was $22, but in efforts to sale off the leftover inventory Urban Decay sold their lipsticks for around $6. Thousands of fans rushed to the site to make their purchases of their favorite lipstick shades and in fact many were left disappointed when their packages came in with missing items. Urban Decay stated that they couldn’t compensate all over the orders received due to the high volume. The company surely didn’t handle the situation accordingly as the orders were fulfilled out of order.

Recently, Urban Decay had launched their New Revolution Lipstick line that feature 22 shades that include nudes to bold colors. They also revamped their old formula and created a product that is long-lasting and hydrating. This new formula is creamy and contains a better hold than the previous formula, which was known to not last very long. The finish for the new lipsticks does contain some shine and less shimmer, than the previous lipsticks. For those women who love color they will be happy to know that these new shades are opaque. They are bright and highly pigmented.

The shades and descriptions are as follows:

  • Shame: Deep berry
  • Venom: Bright plum
  • Jilted: Deep fuchsia shimmer with blue shift
  • Anarchy: Bright fuchsia
  • Turn On: Rosy pink
  • F-Bomb: Classic red
  • 69: Bright red with pink undertone
  • Catfight: Pink-fuchsia with slight red undertone
  • Bang: Bright orange-red
  • Streak: Coral pink
  • Manic: Soft soft drink
  • Rapture: Dusting rose
  • Rush: Pink-mauve
  • Fiend: Muted rose
  • Native: Pale pink
  • Obsessed: Bright baby pink
  • Liar: Pinky brown nude
  • Naked: Nude-pink
  • Naked2: Medium beige-nude
  • Lovelight: Pale peachy-pink shimmer
  • Protest: Sheer peachy nude (Exclusive to UrbanDecay.com)
  • Strip: Sheer medium mauve-nude (Exclusive to UrbanDecay.com)

Urban Decay has also released all new 24/7 Glide On Lip Pencils that are matches to their new line of lipsticks. They recommend that women who desire long wear and bright colors should apply the lip pencils all over the lips first and then apply the lipstick over it. The lip pencil will act as a primer to help kept the color last longer throughout the day. The new lipsticks are currently being sold for $22 apiece.

So far, fans are loving the comeback of the lipstick design, but are pretty bummed that the design of the lipsticks are not as cutting edge as the previous design. A few fans believe that Urban Decay has been losing its edge ever since they were bought out by L’Oreal a few months back.

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4 Homemade Beauty Treatments You Didn’t Know About

For women who spend money on constantly purchasing beauty products can find that their wallets are becoming a bit empty due to this. Why not find ways that can cut down the cost of purchasing so much costly items? The items that will be discussed in this article consist of items that you already have in your home. There will be no reason to head out to any store to start using these amazing homemade beauty tips. You are definitely going to be impressed with the ingredients that you can use for beauty.

Homemade Beauty Treatment #1: Avocado Deep Hair Conditioning

Yes, it is true that women can use mayonnaise for an at home deep hair conditioning treatment when their hair is dry and unhealthy looking. Using an avocado treatment is definitely the best way to go if you are truly looking to revamp your hair into looking new, fresh and healthy. It was give you an amazing shine. For this treatment you will need to use 1/2 avocado (mash it into a bowl) and then in a separate bowl whisk one egg yolk, one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of extra-virgin olive oil. Combine both bowls into one and put it all over your hair for about 20 minutes, rinse off and shampoo and rinse one last time.

Homemade Beauty Treatment #2: Egg White Firming Mask

Women love the feeling of having tighter, firmer skin that leaves their face looking healthier and younger than ever. What they don’t like is the cost of skin firming products that they have to purchase on a monthly basis. Eggs are great to eat, but are even better when you can use the egg white portion of the egg to make a skin firming mask in a matter of minutes. Just whisk together one tablespoon of eggs whites and 1 1/2 teaspoons of honey.

Homemade Beauty Treatment #3: Cinnamon Body Scrub

Exfoliating is important to take off dead skin cells and to keep your skin looking healthy and fresh. Cinnamon is amazing at unclogging the pores on your skin and it simply smells great. What you have to do is mix 1/4 cup of sugar, one tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil, one teaspoon of ground cinnamon into a small box. Then massage it onto your wet skin (in the shower preferably) and then rinse off completely.

Homemade Beauty Treatment #4: Brown Sugar Body Scrub

If you are not into the cinnamon smell then try out the fantastic brown sugar body scrub as it will work just as good as the cinnamon body scrub. All you have to do is mix about 1/2 brown sugar, two tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil, two teaspoons of oats, 1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg in a small bowl. Once in the shower rub the scrub all over your body in a circular motion and let it rest on your body for about 2 minutes before rinsing.

All of these homemade beauty treatments will take less than 5 minutes to prepare. By incorporating these at home treatment you will save a ton of cash and make your skin look flawless. What woman doesn’t want to save some money and look wonderful by doing so?

Ladies, if you are into cruelty free cosmetic products then you must have heard about Urban Decay Sells Out To L’Oreal. Not a good look for the company who were against animal testing.

Urban Decay Sells Out To L’Oreal

Since 1996, Urban Decay has stand out against all other makeup brand companies at the time as being advocates against cosmetic animal testing. At one point the company’s quote stated, “We don’t do animal testing. How could anyone?” Today, it was announced that Urban Decay will be bought out by L’Oreal, who are non for the animal cruelty ways, which has upset Urban Decay’s loyal customers. L’Oreal is the parent company to many other brands such as YSL, Giorgio Armani, Lancome and The Body Shop.

Though L’Oreal overall does not entirely practice cruelty free methods they do own two cruelty free brands such as The Body Shop and Giorgio Armani. Urban Decay has release this statement via their Facebook page in response to the outcry of fans, “Though our ownership is changing, our policies are not. We just spoke to both the CCIC and PETA, and will keep our cruelty-free bunny icons. Urban Decay is staying cruelty-free and proud.”

With this being said many fans are not satisfied because the parent company does encourage animal testing and in turn all of the profits of Urban Decay will end up in the hands of a company who does not have any compassion for the lives of animals. Urban Decay will most likely end up losing it’s Leaping Bunny logo if the product ends up for sell in China; which L’Oreal sells most of their products at. Many consumers are confused at the fact that Urban Decay will continue to stay with their bunny logo even though their parent company tests on animals. In a way Urban Decay will not entirely be cruelty free and this is sad due to many of their products are vegan as well.

Urban Decay earlier this year announced that they will branch into the China market, which mandatory tests on animals. After hundreds of thousands customers signed petitions and urged Urban Decay to pull out of the expansion into the China market, they pulled out. Now many loyal fans feel like they have been let down once again with this new sell out to L’Oreal which is set to be a sealed deal by the end of the year. It seems that Urban Decay has let go of their beliefs not to make a profit and is now once again being called “Moral Decay” by many fans. During the talk of the China expansion Urban Decay’s PR team responded to their fans extremely poorly and this was very upsetting for fans.

Will you continue to purchase products from Urban Decay if they indeed sell to L’Oreal?

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NEW Clean & Clear Morning Burst Fruit Infusions Reviving Cleanser Review

Just when I thought I was done with Clean & Clear products for good, not because they were bad, but I didn’t feel they were age appropriate for me anymore, Clean & Clear comes out with a new collection of facial cleansers: Clean & Clear Morning Burst Fruit Infusions.  I had already chosen a LOREAL face wash to buy but as I walked further down the aisle I was caught by the eye catching, new Clean & Clear facial cleansers. I just had to look through them; the vibrant colored bottles are truly hard to ignore. I immediately went for the red bottle because it’s my favorite color and much to my surprise one of its main ingredients was “Pomegranate” which is a well known antioxidant. I read through the label, looked at the price and sure enough, LOREAL’s facial cleanser was back on the shelf.

The cost was not that big of a difference. I was going to purchase the LOREAL’s Youth Code facial cleanser for $7.99 and the Clean & Clear was $7.49 but Clean & Clear Morning Burst Fruit Infusions just had much more to offer and I just had to give it a try and it’s oil free which is always a plus.

The NEW Clean & Clear Morning Burst Fruit Infusions Reviving Cleanser was designed to give you a “morning burst” which is clearly stated on the bottle in big letters that you can’t miss. Moreover, it’s suppose to revive tired looking skin. It contains real fruit extracts such as- Pomegranate, Passion Fruit, Acai and Strawberry seeds. They’re all natural vitamin sources and antioxidants that are suppose to cleanse your skin off impurities. Therefore, giving your skin a nice, fresh glow.

I’ve only been using the NEW Clean & Clear Morning Burst Fruit Infusions Reviving Cleanser for a week, but I must say that in the mornings it does have somewhat of a subtle “morning burst.” It must be the fruity aroma. The smell is rich and delicious, that is if you enjoy “fruity” scents. After you massage the cleanser onto your face and massage thoroughly you then rinse it out and your face feels just awesome. You can feel a tiny tingle.

I’m completely in love with it in many levels. The natural ingredients are the perfect recipe for a healthy cleanser for your skin. The aroma is divine and the price suits my budget. I recommend it 100 percent. I no longer feel that Clean & Clear only makes products for teenagers and 20 year olds. The new Clean & Clear Morning Burst Fruit Infusions Reviving Cleanser proved to be perfectly appropriate for my age and skin.

They have three different kinds, the one I’ve tried mostly consists of pomegranate. But there’s one that it’s main ingredient is pineapple and the last one’s main ingredient is mandarin. As you can see you have three to choose from. If you’re considering giving this facial cleanser a try, read through all three selections and then decide which one is best suited for you and your skin. They’re all oil free and infused with real fruit extracts.

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L’OREAL’s Collagen Moisture Filler Daily Moisturizer Day Lotion Review

When I reached my mid 20′s I decided that it was essential for a woman to always have a half decent face wash and face moisturizer. Since then, I’ve tried many facial washes and moisturizers. I believe that alternating after a month or so is the best thing to do as your skin builds immunity. During my mid 20′s I was fascinated by Clean and Clear products. I probably tried every product they possibly had and any new one that would come along. Now, it’s safe to say, that I am done with Clean & Clear and have found a new love for facial washes, face cold creams and lotions by L’OREAL.

The latest one that I purchased is L’OREAL’s Collagen Moisture Filler Daily Moisturizer Day Lotion. By the title you can assume there’s a night version for this lotion. This is not a lotion that I would recommend to someone in their early 20′s or teens. This is more for women in their late twenty’s and early to mid 30′. As the title indicates it contains collagen which is suppose to make you appear younger.

While it’s not a miracle lotion, it’s pretty great. If you use it as advised which is twice a day, by the end of the week, you’ll notice that your face seems smoother and with a slight glow. Tiny lines may seem to start diminishing. However, don’t think it works like collagen injections either, you will look exactly like yourself, but with a fresh, younger looking complexion.

L’OREAL’s Collagen Moisture Filler Daily Moisturizer Day Lotion Advantages:

  • 1. SPF 15.
  • 2. You can wear it beneath make up.
  •  3. Your skin will appear radiant.
  • 4. Improves complexion.
  • 5. Tine lines begin to vanish.
  • 6. Moisturizes skin without leaving it oily.
  • 7. The collagen in the lotion helps fill in lines with time.
  • 8. It’s affordable. You can purchase a 2.0 FL.OZ. for just about $10.00
  • 9. It smells very nice.
  • 10. Works well for women with sensitive skin.

As you can see L’OREAL’s Collagen Moisture Filler Daily Moisturizer Day Lotion is a little bottle of lotion joy. It has a little pump that makes it easy to squeeze into the palm of your hands without going over board. The results are great and best of all they’re apparent. If you’re looking for a new skin moisturizing lotion with a few extra perks- us here at Just Women Blog recommend, L’OREAL’s Collagen Moisture Filler Daily Moisturizer Day Lotion. Read more on Loreal’s Youth Code- Foaming Gel Cleanser.