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5 Ways To Tell If He Is A Great Boyfriend

Searching for your Prince Charming may not be easy, but there are a few ways to tell if he is a great boyfriend. Just remember that in life there are always signs that are there to guide you in making the right decisions. If something doesn’t feel right then move on. It’s simple as that. Here are a few things to look for that will let you know if he has the makings to be the one you may want to consider spending the rest of your life with. Take a look at the 5 Ways To Tell If He Is A Great Boyfriend:

1. Does he inspire you?

A great boyfriend will be in tune with your goals in life and he will motivate you to reach your goals. He knows how important it is for you to be happy in life and he will be there every step of the way to keep you focused and looking in the right direction.

2. Does he try to change you?

If he has tried to change who you are, then he may not be the one. A great guy will love you for who you are. He understands that we all have flaws but he doesn’t try to change you in any way. He focuses on your good qualities and always makes you feel good about yourself.

3. Does he always respect you and treat you well?

If he is a great boyfriend he should think of you in every situation. He should be taking your feelings into consideration and realize that in your relationship and for that you are both equals. You should have his undivided attention without having to ask for it and he should show you respect at all times. A great guy will also be aware when he hurts you and he won’t hesitate to make a sincere apology.

4. Does he make you feel beautiful?

Some guys have certain lines they use that trick you into thinking that they are truly paying attention to you. A great boyfriend will truly pay attention to you and even make references about you that will show his remarks are real. He will make sure that his actions make you feel beautiful and that you feel good about yourself.

5. Is he romantic?

A very important part of your relationship is the romance. You want more than just sex; instead you want to make love. You want it to have meaning to you and also to him. He needs to know the importance of this very important factor and he needs to be considerate of your needs. He should be open to conversation on the topic and take action towards it as well.

Taking these tips into consideration should help you narrow down the right guy for your life. If you are unsure on what you should do at this point because he isn’t doing any of the following, then talk to him and let him know how you feel. If things don’t change at this point, then you should move on with your life and find someone who is willing to try you right. Make sure you take a look at the Top 5 Cheap Must Have Beauty Products.

5 Things Women Say But Don’t Mean

The way men and women are genetically designed are very different and it might become hard to read in between the lines of what they say, but truly mean. Men tend to not speak in “code” and are a bit more straight forward when they want to express what they are thinking. Of course, this doesn’t apply all the time and especially the moments where they have no words to express what they are feeling or really thinking. There are times where women will say something and totally mean something else from what she is really saying. Unfortunately, it is up to the man to know what she really means. Here are 5 Things Women Say But Don’t Mean:

1. “A guy hit on me today.” This means that she is letting you know that she is desirable and that there are other men that are attracted to her and would like a chance to be with her. This is when you make sure that you appreciate her to the fullest.

2. “Where is our relationship heading?” At this point, this obviously means that she feels that your relationship is not at the level it should be. Maybe you two have been dating for a couple of months, but you haven’t really asked her out yet. Or you’ve been dating for 5 years, but you haven’t proposed yet.

3. “Don’t worry about it. I will handle it.” This means that she has already asked you to do something several times and you have yet to do so. She now has to do it herself, because you have chosen not to do as she has patiently asked you on several occasions.

4. “Go ahead do that/go out.” She really isn’t giving you permission since it is more like her testing you to see if you will really go ahead with it. It’s more of a dare, than her giving you her blessing.

5. “Nothing.” This is probably one of the worst things a woman can say, because she is hiding what truly is bothering her. She is probably thinking of a way to tell you something, but hasn’t got the words to express it yet. This is dangerous because it usually ends up in a fight.

It’s all about that man knowing the type of woman he is with and making sure that he truly listens to all that she has to say.

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Top 5 Things You Don’t Know About Your Man

It is pretty much safe to say that the opposite sex are always trying to figure each other out. Men are always trying to see what they can find out about women and the same thing goes for women always trying to figure out things about men. There are going to be tons of information about the opposite sex that we might never know about, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try to figure out stuff. This list is all about a few things that we might not know about our men and what they do when we are not around. All of the things are not bad, but some will have you thinking. Here are the Top 5 Things You Don’t Know About Your Man:

1. He is insecure: Believe or not, your man is just as insecure about his looks as you are. He is definitely worries about his body looking lean and muscular. The difference is that women will say what they don’t like about themselves out loud while men keep it to themselves.

2. He doesn’t talk about you much: Men like to keep their private lives private when it comes to talking about their current girlfriends to their friends. They don’t want to talk about how good you are in bed or how sexy your body is, because they do not want their friends to have a visual or an idea of what you look like naked or the sexual talents you might have. He rather keep that to himself and not brag about it to his friends.

3. He has a crush on your close friends and family: Unfortunately, men are just programmed differently than women. They will most likely find your best friend, close relative, etc to be attractive. Don’t be alarmed because they will most likely not pursue anything. They will just think about the person naked or how gorgeous she looks today.

4. He really isn’t a handy man: Most men will not admit that they don’t know how to fix most home items or even mechanical issues with vehicles. They want to keep up with the idea that men are natural fixers and that they know how to fix everything.

5. He secretly digs some chick flicks: Most men are not willing to admit that they totally dig some chick flicks. They rather pretend that they are too manly to enjoy a few of your favorite movies. The truth is he is probably more into some of those films than you are.

This is just a list of things that you might not have known about your man. This list also doesn’t apply to all men as there are some men that are 100% honest with their woman and doesn’t feel the need to hide anything from them.

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5 Types Of Men Women Don’t Enjoy Dating

There are definitely types of men that women try to stay away from for numerous of reasons. Women are always looking for something unique in a man that she is interested in dating. There are a few things that women generally do not like for a man of interest to have. These personalities and qualities are unattractive to women who are looking for a long term relationship with a man. Here are the 5 Types Of Men Women Don’t Enjoy Dating:

1. A Financially Unstable/Irresponsible Man: Women do not want nor feel comfortable being with a man who cannot spend his money wisely, always broke, asking for money, constantly overdrawing his bank account, etc. She doesn’t want to be the only response adult in the relationship and constantly have to bail out her man when he is in a financial jam.

2. A Liar/Untrustworthy Man: Everyone has lied at one point in their life, but when a man lies about each and every little thing no woman could possibly believe him. There are some men who will lie through their teeth just to get laid or to use the woman for everything she has. No woman is going to allow this once she figures out his indiscretions.

3. A Desperate Man: These types of men completely turn off women as they are giving off creepy vibes. They desperately want to be in a relationship, but have no type of skills when it comes to dating and being a great boyfriend. This is due to them being completely overwhelming towards the women they encounter.

4. An Overly Cocky Man: It’s always a good thing to have confidence in yourself, but when a man is entirely in love with himself this is a huge turn off for women. This type of man only cares about himself and what makes him happy. He doesn’t know how to treat and respect others in a manner that should be known and practiced.

5. A Cheater Type Of Man: This type of man doesn’t understand the rules of being in a committed relationship. All he cares about is pleasing his needs when it comes to pleasure. He has no respect for the woman that he is with. He is completely untrustworthy and will always be a cheater.

These are the types of men that women are not attracted to and do not want in their lives for the long run. They want a good man that they can start a life and family with.

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5 Signs That He Likes You

Trying to read a man’s mind is extremely hard, but you can still learn how to read his signs to see if he really likes you. There are certain gestures that a man does when he is totally into a woman. Some signs can be very subtle while others are very bold and out there. Once you witness some of the signs that will be discussed shortly you can make the necessary steps to talk about where you both should take this potential relationship too.

5 Signs That He Likes You:

1. He calls you often. When a man is into a woman he will call her to check on how her day went and to see if she is okay. There is no reason a man should wait to call a woman that he is totally into. When he calls he is showing you that you have been on his mind and that he was simply checking in on you.

2. He rather spend time with you than his friends. When a man opts out from hanging out with his buddies for guys night out he is really showing you that he values the time he spends with you and much rather be by your side on a Saturday night. This gesture also shows that he is done with his single life and ready to settle down with you.

3. He expresses his feelings as in he states he misses you when he doesn’t see you in two days. There is no shame for a man to express his feelings. He is directly telling you that he cares and wishes to be with you often. This sign is dead on direct and you should be happy once he tells you this. He sees a future with you and that is a great feeling.

4. He shows PDA, but the simple type of PDA as in he holds your hand or grabs your waist while you are both walking. This shows that he is proud to be seen with you in public and is very much so comfortable with you by his side.

5. He opens up and wants to talk about your relationship thus far. Men typically don’t like talking about their feelings and let alone be the first ones to bring up the topic of relationship. Even if he doesn’t ask you out during this conversation don’t be alarmed as he is just trying to figure out how to take it a step further. Plus, he might have some concerns on how things will plan out.

Dating is supposed to be fun and making things official is even better. Don’t rush things that will naturally come to past. If he shows any of these signs then he is definitely into you and will ask you out soon enough. Enjoy this time of getting to know one another and when he asks you out you will know he is sincere. Ladies, make sure you are always taking care of yourself. Don’t forget to read up on the Best Facial Beauty Products Of 2012 to pick up some products.

5 Sexy Ways To Spice Up Your Relationship

It’s time that you spice up your relationship in a sexy way. I know it can be hard to sometimes get in the mood after you have been working all day and then coming home to take care of the kids. Oh, and lets not forget about cleaning up the house, cooking dinner and doing the dishes. The important thing to remember is that you and your husband or boyfriend need to enjoy some “adult” time behind closed doors. The passion and lust should never leave your relationship just because life gets busy.

Here are the 5 Sexy Ways To Spice Up Your Relationship:

1. SexText: This is one of the most exciting and warming up to the main event you can do while you both are away from each other. Think of it as foreplay, but that you both are not physically touching one another. Make sure you both send naughty, clever and flirty text messages to one another throughout the day and when the time comes to get down you both will be more excited than ever.

2. Lingerie: I know ladies sometimes you just want to put on a tank top and some pj pants and call it a night. You can’t do this all the time. Even though your man will find you attractive whatever you wear you should once in awhile give him a treat by wearing a sexy little number before crawling into bed. Sure, it will be off soon, but it will be definitely worth it.

3. What’s the rush?: There is no reason to rush the moment. Take your time and enjoy yourselves. There is a lot to sex than reaching the finish line. Spend more time with foreplay and explore one another’s bodies.

4. Role Play: Many people feel silly when they attempt to role play, which can be easily overcome. All you have to think about is that your partner means the world to you and you are willing to act out one hell of a sexy scene just to get him worked up.

5. Take a Salsa Class: There are certain dances that force you and your man to get close and move your body in such a seductive way. Taking dance classes like this can really get you and your partner work up a healthy appetite of lust.

Whatever you decide to do to spice up your relationship make sure you both are comfortable and excited about the event. You both need to enjoy one another to the fullest and if that takes taking out the flat screen TV in your bedroom to avoid laying down to catch up on TV shows, then so be it.

5 Ways To Improve Your Dating Life Right Away

Dating can be very complicated and difficult for most women because they seem to continuously choose the wrong guys and that ultimately makes them feel that something is wrong with them. Ladies, it is time to wake up and smell the coffee as the only thing that is wrong with you is your taste in men. You need to be pickier about who you allow to enter your life and who you share your deepest feelings with. At the end of the day everyone wants to be with that special someone who continuously makes their heart skip a beat every so often.

5 Ways To Improve Your Dating Life Right Away:

1. Improve Yourself: Any improvements you make in your life should always start with yourself. This means making sure that you love, respect and value yourself. It goes with that old saying “How can any love you if you do not love yourself?” This is definitely easier said than done but it is something that can be done and will make a huge difference in your life.

2. Get Rid Of Negativity: If you are surrounded by people who do not support you nor wish the best for you then you have to let go of those type of people. You do not need all of that negative vibe in your life. These people might even be your best friend, mother, father or cousin; the point is if they put doubts in your head then you must distant yourself from them.

3. Meet New People: This might seem a bit out of your comfort zone, but you have to go out and meet new people. How else are you going to find someone? This isn’t high school, so meeting a new group of people can be a bit challenging as an adult. Don’t spend your nights in the clubs, but try to network through work, a charity or some type of hobby of yours.

4. Learn From Your Past: Make a mental or physical note of all the things that went bad for you during you past horrible dates and learn from them. Remember what you had done or could have done differently and gather what you didn’t like from your past daters actions. This will help you achieve the true dates that you want to experience.

5. Online Dating Profile: Now you might not be big on internet dating, but it could truly work wonders for you. You have to make sure that you set up a fantastic profile with a recent picture, great information and what you are looking for in a partner. This online profile is working in your favor 24-7 and you don’t even have to be on it for hours at a time. If your profile is eye catching enough by the time you check it you will most likely have new messages from potential daters.

These steps will definitely help improve your love life in due time. It will take work, but you will be in awe with the rewards of it. Make sure that you always look your best because you truly do not know when you will be meeting your next date at.