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Can Anne Hathaway Already Be Pregnant?

There is no secret that Anne Hathaway has mentioned how excited she would be if she had a baby already. In many interviews after her wedding she has stated that she absolutely cannot wait till she can experience motherhood. It is something that she has always wanted. It seems the perfect time for her to get pregnant as well. She is a successful actress and she finally married the man of her dreams. The actress isn’t getting any older and I am definitely not implying that she is old, but she is at a good age to start a family.

She has recently said in interviews, “Oh, my God. I want to be a mother, and I anticipate loving my children quite fiercely. I think about it all the time, though it’s a silly thing to think about because the kind of mother I’ll be depends on the kind of children I have. I can’t wait to meet them.” She is simply bursting with excitement at the thought of being a mother. She seems that she will make a great mother as well.

A recent friend of the actress has told press that Hathaway might already be pregnant as she is engaging in pregnancy like gestures. The source reveals, “She’s been avoiding water, talking about nursery colors and decorations and inquiring to close friends who recently gave birth about the best pediatricians. She and Adam are definitely giving off the pregnant bliss vibe, leading loved ones to believe they might have a little one next summer!”

Oh, how exciting if she and her husband are expecting a child next year. Hathaway and her husband Adam Shulman began dating in late 2008 and became engaged in late 2011, once they made 3 years together. The couple married on September 29, 2012 in Big Sur, California and invited their close friends and family members to attend.

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Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore Are Still In Love & Giving Marriage Another Chance

It has been said that Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are still deeply in love and that is why neither of them have allowed the divorce process to proceed. They have been separated for months now and their breakup was very public due to Kutcher cheating on his wife with a 23 year old nobody on their sixth year wedding anniversary at the San Diego Hard Rock hotel. It has been said that Kutcher is a serial cheater and that Moore has been contemplating in the past of divorcing Kutcher. Orange Juiceor has it that the two are on speaking terms and that they might try to give their marriage another go.

There has been several sources since Sunday who have told RadarOnline that they saw Kutcher and Moore “locked in a 60-second embrace” during the 40th birthday celebration for Kabbalah Rabbi Yehuda Berg, the man who wed the couple back in 2005, over the weekend. Sources told Sunday Mirror that during a speech that Kutcher made he became choked up while he stated that Yehuda will “love you unconditionally, no matter what mistakes you’ve made,” and he went on to speak about his own mistakes, “I’ve made all these horrendous mistakes in the last year.”

The source also added that the two are “still desperately in love and could be on for a reconciliation,” and that “the divorce isn’t being processed right now.” Neither parties have confirmed nor denied the orange juiceors and Moore did finally changed her Twitter name from MrsKutcher to JustDemi, but that truly doesn’t mean anything. If the two are in love and if they can make their marriage work, then by all means they should. Kutcher has to be extremely sincere for his actions and Moore will have to forgive him for his wrong doings for their marriage to work. All I can say is that I hope for the best for those two and for them to make the best choice for themselves.