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Hunky “Vampire Diaries” Star Paul Wesley Bello Interview

The extremely good looking Paul Wesley better known as Stefan Salvatore in the hit CW television series Vampire Diaries has been quite busy these days. The television show has been hiring since September of 2009 and there seems to be no plans on ending the popular vampire show. A few of the main characters are played by Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev, Katerina ‘Kate’ Graham and Steven R. McQueen. The show is about Wesley’s character who is a vampire falls in love with an average teenage girl and their love is turned upside down when his vicious brother returns to town.

Wesley has been busy due to promoting his new movie The Bayton Outlaws which is set to be released in January. He graced the cover of Bello magazine to speak out about the movie and to talk about marriage and the devastation that Hurricane Sandy caused New York and New Jersey.

During the interview Wesley spoke about the best gift his wife gave him which was a photograph book. He reveals, “My wife made me a book of photographs she took of our road trip across the United States. Makes for a good coffee table book.”

When asked about the tragedy that occur several months ago his response was, “The majority of my family is in Jersey. I spent a great deal of my childhood at the Jersey Shore, and it’s unfathomable to think that a lot of the landmarks I grew up with are gone and the many people, who are now homeless. I recall my parents telling me over the phone how bad it was. I didn’t realize it fully until I went to Jersey myself a couple weeks ago. We are 20 minutes from the shore and even that far inland, the destruction was severe.” It is safe to say that Wesley is one incredible actor and family man.

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