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4 Homemade Beauty Treatments You Didn’t Know About

For women who spend money on constantly purchasing beauty products can find that their wallets are becoming a bit empty due to this. Why not find ways that can cut down the cost of purchasing so much costly items? The items that will be discussed in this article consist of items that you already have in your home. There will be no reason to head out to any store to start using these amazing homemade beauty tips. You are definitely going to be impressed with the ingredients that you can use for beauty.

Homemade Beauty Treatment #1: Avocado Deep Hair Conditioning

Yes, it is true that women can use mayonnaise for an at home deep hair conditioning treatment when their hair is dry and unhealthy looking. Using an avocado treatment is definitely the best way to go if you are truly looking to revamp your hair into looking new, fresh and healthy. It was give you an amazing shine. For this treatment you will need to use 1/2 avocado (mash it into a bowl) and then in a separate bowl whisk one egg yolk, one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of extra-virgin olive oil. Combine both bowls into one and put it all over your hair for about 20 minutes, rinse off and shampoo and rinse one last time.

Homemade Beauty Treatment #2: Egg White Firming Mask

Women love the feeling of having tighter, firmer skin that leaves their face looking healthier and younger than ever. What they don’t like is the cost of skin firming products that they have to purchase on a monthly basis. Eggs are great to eat, but are even better when you can use the egg white portion of the egg to make a skin firming mask in a matter of minutes. Just whisk together one tablespoon of eggs whites and 1 1/2 teaspoons of honey.

Homemade Beauty Treatment #3: Cinnamon Body Scrub

Exfoliating is important to take off dead skin cells and to keep your skin looking healthy and fresh. Cinnamon is amazing at unclogging the pores on your skin and it simply smells great. What you have to do is mix 1/4 cup of sugar, one tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil, one teaspoon of ground cinnamon into a small box. Then massage it onto your wet skin (in the shower preferably) and then rinse off completely.

Homemade Beauty Treatment #4: Brown Sugar Body Scrub

If you are not into the cinnamon smell then try out the fantastic brown sugar body scrub as it will work just as good as the cinnamon body scrub. All you have to do is mix about 1/2 brown sugar, two tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil, two teaspoons of oats, 1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg in a small bowl. Once in the shower rub the scrub all over your body in a circular motion and let it rest on your body for about 2 minutes before rinsing.

All of these homemade beauty treatments will take less than 5 minutes to prepare. By incorporating these at home treatment you will save a ton of cash and make your skin look flawless. What woman doesn’t want to save some money and look wonderful by doing so?

Ladies, if you are into cruelty free cosmetic products then you must have heard about Urban Decay Sells Out To L’Oreal. Not a good look for the company who were against animal testing.

Review: e.l.f Cosmetics

In recent years the cosmetic brand e.l.f (eyes lips face) cosmetics has grown to great popularity. The brand has in fact been around for 8 years and is known for their low prices and for being a cruelty free product line. Many women might not know what cruelty free means exactly as it means that the company does not test their products on animals. Many women are now shopping for cruelty free cosmetics and e.l.f cosmetics delivers on that and so much more.

There was a time where e.l.f cosmetics hasn’t had the best reputation and many people looked down on the product as it was seen to be too “cheap.” The products themselves have improved over the last couple of years. If you are looking to try low priced cruelty free products then do not look any further as e.l.f cosmetics has many products that you will fall in love with. The great thing is that many of their products are priced from $1-$6. They do offer eyeshadow palettes for extremely low prices. One of my favorite palettes has to be the 144-Piece Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette as it runs you only $15. That is one heck of a deal. The eyeshadows are very pigmented and can be blend quite nicely. There will be some shadows that might not be as nice as others, but for the price you cannot beat it.

The cosmetic brand offers three lines which are essential, studio and mineral. The essential line is where you will find mostly $1 products, the studio line is where the $3 items are located and the mineral line is their most expensive line at with most products are $6. Even at the most expensive line you will be saving yourself lots of money.

The company is not limited to eyeshadows as the offer blush, bronzers, brushes, cleansers, primer, tools and much more. The cosmetic brand’s website also offers makeup tips via their makeup artists which is a neat feature and the company is always offering deals on their products. Every week you can expect savings such as 50% off site wide, free shipping promo codes, buy $20 worth of items and get $20 worth of other products free, etc. This particular brand is sold in Target stores, but the items are very limited in stores. The best thing would be to purchase from online at www.eyeslipsface.com and you will usually have your product delivered within a week. The company does ship internationally which is a great thing as well.

Remember not every product is going to be the best, but eyeshadows, eyeshadow primer and lipsticks are amazing from this company. I am looking forward on trying other products that e.l.f cosmetics offers. If you are looking for other cruelty free makeup companies make sure to check out Urban Decay Cosmetics as they have tons of amazing products. Make sure to read Does Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Really Work? There has been doubt about if the $20 primer does in fact do what it claims to do.

How To Get Rid Of Cellulite?

Cellulite is very common in many women. What most women didn’t realize is that you don’t have to be over weigh or curvaceous to be a victim of pesty cellulite. Skinny women get cellulite as well and it’s really common as well. It’s just one of those other things women have to live with. Sadly, there is no miracle lotion to get rid of cellulite, but we do have some really good methods that will help them diminish and seem less apparent.

Here are some methods you might want to try out that will help you get rid/disguise some cellulite:

  #1. Tone Up!

Less fat does not equal less cellulite, but strengthening exercises that work out your problem areas is key. Having some muscle makes the fat on top lie much more smoother.

  #2. Eat Less Salt.

Keep your intake of salt below 1,500 milligrams per day and this will reduce water retention. Retaining less water will automatically reduce the appearance of cellulite.

  #3. Using Cream With Caffeine, Retinol Or Pepper Extract.

Creams that contain the ingredients mentioned above are irritants to the skin which cause swelling which in turn makes cellulite less noticeable. The effect lasts just for a few hours, but women just love it.

  #4. Get A Self-Tanner.

Self-Tanners make skin look much more even, therefore, disguising the appearance of cellulite.

While you may not be able to get rid of cellulite for good, there are plenty of tricks and methods you can try that actually work in reducing the appearance of cellulite. All the methods mentioned above are rather easy and if done properly, you might be loving your skin in just minutes.

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Top 5 Ways A Woman Makes Herself Feel Sexy

There are certain methods that women will incorporate into their everyday ritual to make themselves feel sexy and there is nothing wrong with this. Hard working women deserve to look and feel good about themselves on a daily basis. There are some different things that women do to brighten their day and most of it is very simple and manageable that any woman can incorporate themselves.

Top 5 Ways A Woman Makes Herself Feel Sexy:

1. Wear Makeup: Applying a bit of makeup is a sure way to make any woman feel absolutely sexy about herself. If you don’t have time to do a full face worth of makeup, than some eyeliner (top and bottom), mascara and colored lips will work wonders. If you have time to put blush or bronzer on your cheeks then go for it.

2. Wear Fitted Clothing: Doesn’t matter what your body type is wearing clothing that is fitted not tight is always flattering. Just putting on a nice blouse, fitted jeans and a pair of pumps will make any women feel at her sexiest.

3. Try New Hairstyles: Try wearing your hair in a different style every so often. You can even try a new color or haircut. Do something with your hair that is out of the norm and if you have to go out of your comfort zone then do so. Make a new style yours.

4. Wear Pumps: High heels and pumps are extremely sexy. You can pretty much wear them with any outfit shorts, skirts, jeans and dresses. A sleek leopard print pump will make your legs look fantastic as well as increase your sex appeal.

5. Regular Manicure & Pedicure: It is very important for a woman to maintain her nails and feet looking fresh at all times. Try to match sure that the nail polishes on both finger nails and toe nails match, because it will give you a clean and manicured look.

All of these methods are easy and inexpensive ways for any woman to freshen up her look and make her feel the best she can. You don’t have to incorporate these methods in your everyday routine, but make sure to do it once in awhile as it is always a nice way to treat yourself. Make sure to visit JustWomen daily to receive tips, reviews and much more on different topics such as Beauty, Romance, etc.