Sally Hansen Nail Polishes Metallic & Pastels Colors

If you’re looking for a variety of different color nail polishes, you should most definitely check out Sally Hansen‘s nail polish collection. The assortment of colors they offer is massive and interesting. You can choose from common colors/prime colors- such as different shades of pinks to red and glosses.

Moreover, now they have a truly colorful and interesting variety of nail polishes that are metallic as well as in pastel shades. Also, there are some nail polishes that contain glitter. These are much more funkier shades and for acquired tastes, but I’m sure there’s at least one metallic or pastel shade that appeals to every women.

The colors are simply brilliant and you will find a shade that will match your newest outfit, no matter how different and colorful it might be. Sally Hansen has always been a rather neutral cosmetic line but now they’ve found their edge in their latest collection of nail polishes which includes metallic shades, pastels and glitter polishes.

Sally Hansen‘s new nail polish colors are simply fun, you’ll find yourself wanting to get every color available. If you have a small daughter, you’ll find yourself picking one out for them as well. As they have pretty pastel pinks and blues, yellows and glitter nail polishes. It’s great for mother/daughter bonding as well as a night of grooming with your close friends.

Furthermore, Sally Hansen’s nail polishes quality is great and they’re absolutely affordable. Prices vary between $2.49 to $5.49. But even the cheapest is rich in color and last longing. No need to pay more than 5 dollars for unique nail polish colors anymore with Sally Hansen’s latest collection of nail polish colors.

Sally Hansen also now has available nail strips with all sorts of different patterns that are utterly cool, pretty, fun and so very awesome!

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