Review: Sugarpill Cosmetics

There are tons of different cosmetic companies out there, but there are only a few that truly make a huge splash into the beauty scene. SugarPill Cosmetics was founded by Amy (Shrinkle) and released in 2010, but her dream of starting her own cosmetic line began in 2003. During the year of 2005 she began to develop her new line of vibrant eyeshadows. She wanted to design and develop her own formula to create vibrant and unique colors. Amy also wanted her eyeshadows to be long lasting as well as extremely wearable.

Back in 2003 when Amy would attend fashion shows for her Shrinkle punk line, she would be asked about the intense makeup she wore. She used to purchase stage makeup that she gained inspirations from the performers in “underground drag queen clubs” that she attended. Amy got the idea of selling theater makeup alongside her fashion line. She would constantly purchase makeup from the theater store, but soon realized that she wanted to develop her own eyeshadow line.

In 2010, on Valentine’s Day, Amy launched her SugarPill collection and it was an instant hit among all makeup lovers. Temptalia, beauty blogger, named SugarPill the “#1 Indie Brand for 2010.” What makes this brand simply amazing it that it is also cruelty free and vegan. Amy has a love for animals and chose a kitty as the brands mascot. This allows animal lovers and makeup artists who love bright, fun colors to be able to purchase a great product. She also designed a fun and eye catching packaging.

SugarPill offers pressed and loose eyeshadows as well as three quad eyeshadow palettes. A few extras that can be found on the site are eyelashes and stickers. These products are mainly sold online at as well as several other beauty sites. Both pressed and loose eyeshadows cost $12 each and the quad palettes are $34 each.

SugarPill has been featured in Apparel News, Gothic Beauty, OnSugar, Italian Vogue, Nylon Singapore, InStyle, Huffington Post and much more. Sanrio’s Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary celebration and tour also chose SugarPill as their official makeup brand. Amy designed a large limited palette for Sanrio as well.

This brand of makeup is remarkable and simply eye catching. If you are looking for great quality, long lasting, intense colors; then you have to purchase SugarPill Cosmetics.

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