PDA Moves That Guys Seceretly Desire

For sometime public displays of affection (PDA) became somewhat of a nuisance and with good reason. People would just go over the top showing their love and lust in public. Maybe, a tad much to share with the world and best acted out in private and closed quarters. But some PDA is nice and not offensive to others. Moreover, there are some PDA moves that guys secretly desire. So if you want to make your guy feel extra special,  you might consider busting out with some sexy and erotic PDA moves that are both enticing and subtle enough for others in close proximity not to get all grossed out and uncomfortable.

Here are some PDA moves you may want to try out on your guy that he secretly desires…

  • - Light Touching. Touch his arms, hold his hands, play with his fingers and even subtle scratching.
  • - Whisper sweet little nothings such as “I’m so lucky to have you.” or “You’re looking so good tonight,” and so on and so forth. This will surely make you’re guy feel real special and wanted.
  • - Slow dancing at parties even if the music is loud and bumping.
  • - Light pecks on the neck.
  • -  A firm grip around the waist or such feels comforting.

What’s the point of all this subtle PDA? Your guy will love it! Most guys will, anyway… Guys love being adored. Furthermore, they like others to know that someone thinks that they’re super hot and very special ; that they are loved and that that person is not afraid or embarrassed to show it through a little PDA. Next time your out with your main squeeze you should rock a little PDA, it might set a really nice tone for the rest of the evening and best of all- for after hours.


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