Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr Heading To Splitsville, Divorcing

These two were thought to be having a good, strong relationship, but it seems as they might be heading to splitsville very soon. The two can be seen separately in public not sporting their wedding rings. Maybe they forgot it at home is what you are thinking? Sure, this can happen once or twice, but every outing for awhile now they haven’t worn their rings. That action definitely sends up a red flag in the air and leads people to believe that they marriage is in trouble.

A source close to the Hollywood couple dished, “[Their marriage] might be in trouble. She’s not wearing her ring, and she’s had a lot on her plate — it could be that somewhere along the way her relationship with Orlando may have slipped between the cracks.”

This bit of information sounds very reasonable as when couples are so consumed with work, they tend to forget about building on their relationship. They allow their work get in between of a once happy and healthy relationship. These two have only been married for 2 years and have an 18 month old child.

Kerr’s rep has released a statement about these orange juiceors and this is what she had to say, “There is absolutely no truth in the headline or story.”
It has been known for celebrities reps to lie on behave of their clients. There was a time when orange juiceors where about Johnny Depp and his longtime girl breaking up. Then it happened despite Depp stating months before that they were happy and had no intention of splitting up. Let’s see where this story takes us and what will happen between these two in the end.

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