Neosporin Lip Health- Daily Hydration Therapy Review

Neosporin Lip Health Daily Hydration Therapy works just like a lip balm only its packaging is not as pretty and the taste is not as pleasant. Not that it’s bad tasting but it’s kind of medicinal. Neosporin Lip Health is really the best lip care you can find in your local drug stores. Much like the Neosporin Triple Anti-biotic, Neosporin Lip Health is as efficient. If you suffer from dry or chapped lips, this is definitely what you want to get. Once you apply it to your lips, they instantly become hydrated and much more smooth.

I decided to try this out because I’m a fan of Neosporin Triple Anti-biotic- for cuts, burns and I’ve even used it on pimples and it has worked! I figured that Neosporin Lip Health- Daily Hydration Therapy would be just as great but for my lips and it truly is. During the Summer my lips became extremely dry and I tried various lip balms and chap sticks. They were all helpful but I hit the gold mine when I came across Neosporin Lip Health. Neosporin Lip Health is really a therapy for your lips. It’s healing and it comes with SPF 20 which is what I really need asides from a little hydration on my lips.

I’m guessing and I’m almost positive that the amazing results work just as good during the Winter when lips also tend to get chapped and dry. If you’re looking to really cure your lips and not just a boost of shine or gloss, I whole heartedly recommend that you get Neosporin Lip Health- Daily Hydration Therapy. You can apply it to your lips as often as you want, though 2 to 3¬† times a day for a week will make a world of a difference on your lips. However, if your lips often become dry, you should wear¬† it all the time, you can wear it under your lipstick or even under another lip balm that may have a tint. I personally mix Neosporin Lip Health with Maybelline’s Baby Lips- lip glosses.

You can buy Neosporin Lip Health- Daily Hydration Therapy at your nearest Walgreens or CVS. A tube of NET WT 0.35 oz (10.0g) goes for under $6.00. It may seem like a lot of money for such a small tube of balm, but it really lasts a long time as you only have to apply a thin coat to get the great results. Also, you’ll realize it’s truly worth the price once your lips are super smooth chap free.

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