Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson’s Real Life Wedding Even More Epic Than Bella & Edward’s Wedding In Twilight’s Breaking Dawn #1

Apparently, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have wedding plans and you can expect the wedding date anytime this year. Robert Pattinson gave Kristen Stewart a beautiful ring with an emerald stone, since Kristen is not a big fan of diamonds like most women are. I’m under the impression that she might not fancy diamonds because not only is she unique and can think for herself but we suspect she realizes that to get such a stone on your finger, some poor child or under nourished slave in Africa was put to work through rigorous hours to find a precious diamond/rock.

Moving along, the serious, fidgety, green eyed beauty- Kristen Stewart, does not desire an elaborate wedding either, she wants it simple but profound as their love and commitment is. They plan on writing out their own vows and Robert Pattinson is writing a song for her, which he will sing and play on his guitar for her during their wedding day.

Kristen Stewart is a big fan of Robert’s music and musical talent and this is by far the greatest gift. They plan to marry in Brazil on a beach and/or island, which is much like in Twilight’s, Breaking Dawn Part #1 in which Bella and Edward marry in “Isle Esme” which was in Rio De Janeiro.

However, her dress is going to be much more simpler than “Bella’s” over the top wedding gown. Kristen Stewart wants something classy, but comfortable. So comfortable, that they plan to marry barefoot. Surely, there won’t be as much glitter and gold; diamonds and smoke and mirrors. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s real life wedding is going to surpass Bella & Edward’s wedding. Surely, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s wedding is going to be a gorgeous and most epic event.


Beside You” by Van Morrison will be played at the wedding. Both stars are fans of the great Classic Rock lyricist, much like myself. This is definitely one celebrity wedding I’m looking forward to it’s manifestation.

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