Katie Holmes New Face & Part Owner Of Alterna Haircare

Who says just because you get a divorce you can’t move on with your life quickly and be successful? Katie Holmes is now the new face and part owner of Alterna haircare. Holmes didn’t have much success with her Broadway show Dead Accounts, as it was canceled ahead of time, but she is looking great as the new spokeswoman for the haircare line. Holmes is 34 years old and she was just named the new face of the well known Alterna Professional Haircare and she is now part owner of the company. Isn’t that amazing? This woman is definitely making a name for herself and not being considered one of the exes of Tom Cruise.

As being part owner, she will also give her opinions and input on all of the brand’s products and initiatives. It seems that she is not the only person excited about this new business venture as the president of Alterna, Joan Malloy, released a statement, “Being an actress who emotes natural luxury and individuality and accessibility, this was the perfect opportunity for us to come together. Katie is a fashionista, a mother and an entrepreneur. In short, she is our consumer.”

Holmes has also expressed her love for the product and knows why she is the perfect part owner for the company. She stated, “I love that Alterna uses natural and organic ingredients and stays away from harsh chemicals like sulfates and parabens. It’s good for my hair and good for the earth, so I feel good using it.”

It seems that Holmes is truly coming into her own person. It seems that she has been in the shadows of Cruise for the last 5 years and it is now that she is taking her career to higher levels. We definitely wish the single mother, actress, entrepreneur, etc. all the best wishes for her career. She seems extremely passionate about what she is now involved with.

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