Hottest Swim Dresses Of 2012 For Women

Followers of read about the Hottest Bathing Suit Styles For Women of 2012, which featured all the different styles of bathing suits that are in season for this year. It seems that a lot of women are really excited about the Swim Dress that was featured in the article. For the lovers of the swim dresses this article is for you. I will take you into the world of the different styles and colors of the swim dresses that will get you all kinds of attention this summer. This trend of bathing suit is so popular that you even have mega super stars such as Beyonce Knowles sporting the hot swim dress on her beach vacations.

Below is the top 5 styles of the Swim Dress:

Style #1: Polka Dot

Polka dot is a style that will never be out of style and is widely accepted by a lot of fashion icons. Of course you have to wear the right type of polka dot. This swim dress is absolutely perfect for any woman who wants a bit of pattern and ruffles to their bathing suit. It is a fun and hip style to show off.

Style #2: Chic Party Goer

This style of swim dress is definitely a winner as it will sport your chic, sexy side and give you that touch of elegance on the beach. If you want to draw attention to yourself this is the style you should be going after.

Style #3: Ruffles

This swim dress is all about fun in the sun with the wrinkle mid section and multiple layers of ruffles. It is a bit shorter than the other swim dresses, but nonetheless you will still have great coverage while looking ultra stylish.

Style #4: Classic Sweetheart

This is an all time favorite for most women who are looking for a classic and sweet bathing suit, yet fun. The bathing suit has a sweetheart neckline as well as a single layer of ruffle across the top and bottom. This style looks amazing in coral, peach or any other bright color.

Style #5: Simple Black With Embroidery

As with any wardrobe you must have a black piece. This bathing suit screams out look at me I am classy, stylish and hot! The length is a bit longer and the fit is perfect as it is not figure hugging yet it will definitely show off your curves.

Make sure you shop around for which style of swim dress is the perfect match for you and once you find that make a statement on the beach. You will surely be turning heads with this one piece bathing suit.

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