GARNIER Nutritioniste Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream Review

GARNIER Nutritioniste’s Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream is probably one of the most refreshing face creams I’ve tried out in the last couple of years. Garnier’s- Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream was made to lock in moisture and prevents dryness.

One” is advised to use the gel- cream twice a day; once in the morning and then at night. This gel- cream is truly amazing. I personally have never used a gel-cream before and I must say it’s truly refreshing. It reminds me of aloe which comes in a gel form as well. When you apply aloe gel on your skin after being under the sun for a long time you feel this fabulous, refreshing feeling. Garnier’s cream-gel basically gives you the same sensation. It works just like a cold cream but it’s a gel and it’s gel formula makes this face cream just that much more refreshing and light.

Asides from giving your face a fresh feeling, locking in moisture while blocking off dryness, Garnier’s- Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream also replenishes moisture that’s reserved to fight off dry skin, it’s extremely light; in a matter of seconds you don’t feel like you have anything on your face. You just feel the coolness of the gel-cream. Moreover, this cream gel penetrates deeply for long lasting moisture, which in turn boosts your skin’s defenses. It holds up for up to 24 hours.

Using this product is fairly simple. All you have to do is apply the cream gel every morning and very night unto to your face, preferably after washing your face. It works well on all kinds of skins since it’s light enough for sensitive skin, it’s oil free so it’s perfect for women with oily faces and it blocks out dryness. So, if your face tends to get dry, Garnier’s- Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream will be beneficial as well.

This is great cream for your face. It’s inexpensive as you can purchase a 1.7.OZ/50g bottle for under $7.00. It’s certainly worth trying out and here at Just Women Blog we totally recommend this product all our readers.

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