“Fergie’s” Wet N Wild High-Octane Nail Polish Collection Review

I’ve never been very fond of “Fergie”or the “Black Eyed Peas” for that matter. But I am totally digging Fergie’s, NEW Wet N Wild, high- Octane, Nail Polish Collection. Wet N Wild has always been a cool and hip make up brand that’s been around for a really long time making it easy for people on a budget to acquire cool make up. Wet N Wild has always had a great assortment of eye liners/pencils, nails polishes, lipsticks & eye shadows. They also, have a few powder compacts and blushes but I wouldn’t go as far as recommending these. However the other products I mentioned above are just about average in quality and the assortment is fantastic.

Now with Fergie’s new, high octane, nail polish collection you haveĀ even more to choose from and though these are a little more expensive than regular Wet N Wild nail polishes, they’re still affordable as they cost under $4.00. Fergie’s new line of makeup for Wet N Wild has other makeup products up on shelves as well, but the nail polishes are what I’m really enjoying. All the Fergie Wet N Wild nail polishes are neon shades, bold shades or fun and edgy glittery nail polishes. The nail polishes are all named after Fergie songs such as ” Glamorous” and many more. These nail polishes are totally rad to say the least. They’re certainly not designed for neutral nail polish lovers because these are certainly unique and daring.

As of now I’ve tried two of them, “Hollywood Walk of Fame” which is just awesome if you like stars. “Hollywood Walk of Fame” is basically a clear gloss with a bunch of different colored stars in it that stick to your nails. I really like this one because it gives you the chance to experiment with your nails and be diverse as you can wear this nail polish all alone put it on top of any other color adding gloss and stars to your initial, base color.

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The second one I’ve tried is called “Dutchess,” which is also very cool. This one is basically gloss with blue glitter and a dash of semi thicker, purple glitter. When you put on your nails, the first thing you notice is the nice glossy, blue glitter- but when you take a closer look you’ll see that it’s purposely sprinkled with the thicker purple glitter. It makes it seem like you had to go through several steps to get this accomplished, but it’s not. You just paint your nails like you normally would and the special effect will manifest as it was designed to do.

If you’re tired of the typical, neutral nail polish colors you will just love experimenting with “Fergie’s” Wet N Wild High-Octane Nail Polish Collection. You can purchase these online or at any CVS or Walgreens near you.

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