Easy Summer Nail Polish Designs

Sometimes heading to the nail salon weekly or bi-weekly can truly become expensive. So, why not do your own manicure and pedicure once in awhile. Some women might be thinking that they cannot be creative when it comes to nail designs. Well, you ladies might be surprised at what you can do with a little guidance in nail art. Some of these designs are extremely simple and easy to do while others take a few moments to accomplish.

Here are some Easy Summer Nail Polish Designs:

1. Polka Dots: Paint your nails a solid color and use another color as the polka dots or you can use multi-colors as the polka dots.

2. Pastel Colors: In the spirit of summer you can paint your nails using pastel colors whenever you like.

3. Glitter/Sparkles: Either use a solid color and then brush it over with a glitter or sparkle nail polish or you can only use the glitter/sparkle nail polish only on the tips or ring finger.

4. Three Layers: Think of those childhood popsicles with all of those funky colors. Paint three different colors on your nails.

5. Neon & Glitter: Paint your nails with a neon color except on the ring fingers to which you will use a vibrant glitter polish.

6. Mix Patterns: Become artsy and add strips, squares, etc on different nails and either use the same colors or mix it up.

7. Geometric: Free hand or use tape to make geometric shapes and use two or more colors to create your shapes.

8. Swirls: You can add any color swirls onto your choice of solid colored nails. You can use either a tooth pick or a nail art tool to create these swirls.

9. Confetti: This nail polish is very similar to glitter polish but that it has tiny sparkles, string and other shapes giving its confetti look.

10. Nail Art/Tattoo/Stickers: At any local drug store you can find these nail art stickers/tattoo and place them on your nails to add a cool design.

Let your inner creative self come out and have loads of fun painting your nails. This could become an addictive habit, but no worries it will still be less expensive than going to the nail salon.

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