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10 Of The Oddest Fashion Items Ever

The world of fashion is always evolving and coming up with new trends, but there have been times that these so called new trends are downright ridiculous. These items will seriously only be marketed to an extremely small group of people. In this list you will find fashion items that are just plain odd to others that you will feel the designer has lost their mind. Enjoy looking through this crazy list of 10 Of The Oddest Fashion Items Ever:

1. Mixed Match Pants: These tight stretchy pants are available in two separate colors within the same pair just think about Two-Faced from the Batman series. Why would anyone want to be dressed as a clown on a daily basis?

2. Armadillo Purse: I am an animal lover, but seriously a full size armadillo purse? Good thing I guess is that the purse isn’t made from real armadillos.

3. Hamburger Dress: This dress is absolutely ridiculous, I mean we all like hamburgers, but that doesn’t mean we all need to wear them. This little dress was designed by Joy Kampia O’Shell.

4. Nacho Wallet: It’s kind of cute in the weirdest way. The tortilla shell actually looks very real to the point that you might want to take a bit of it.

5. Mink Jawbone Earrings: This is absolutely disgusting, especially since minks have been tortured and killed for their fur and now people want their jaws?

6. Banana Shoes: These are handmade and ready to for you to do the split. Ha, yes that was my attempt to make a joke. The banana shoes are made by a freelance designer and only go with nothing really.

7. Bacon Shoes: People are in love with bacon and I get it, but wearing bacon shoes is taking the love on a whole other level. I guess it isn’t too bad since they have gum and cake flavored bacon.

8. Corn Dog Flavored Lip Balm: If you want to take the carnival on the go with you 24/7 then this is the best way to do so. All you have to do is apply to your lips as many times as you want then lick it up whenever you desire.

9. Fire Hose Belt: I know some women are totally in love with firemen, but has the love turned into a weird fetish? Now you can wrap around your waist that oh so famous fire hose from your fantasy.

10. French Fry Coin Purse: This little coin purse looks like one of the talking French fries from an old McDonalds commercial. The coin purse is also big enough to store some credit cards as well.

These so called fashion items are far from being fashionable. Some might even be neat enough to own as a funky accessory but not as a fashion statement.

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