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10 Cheap Makeup Products Under $10 Part 2

As promised we will now continue with the second part of 10 Cheap Makeup Products Under $10. There are definitely tons of makeup products to choose from, but these are some of the best ones available right now. Don’t be afraid to use products that are not high on the pricing scale as mentioned before they are hundreds of low cost products that work as just as good as the expensive products. Like the saying goes “Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.” With that said here is the rest of the list:

Makeup Product #6:

L’Oreal Paris Colour Caresse by Colour Riche Lipstick has a lightweight formula, but the great thing is you will only need to put on one layer and that one layer will give you a very pigmented appearance. There is no need to layer or cake on this lipstick. The lipstick can be found at any Walgreens, Walmart or foodtore for only $9.99.

Makeup Product #7:

E.L.F Essential Nail Polish is such a great buy. The nail polish formula is new and improved that contains chip resistant shield that will allow your nail color to last longer. All of their nail polishes are high gloss and quick drying. The best part is that the nail polish contains Vitamin E for stronger and healthier nails. This nail polish comes in 34 colors and are only at $2 apiece. To purchase you must visit to order.

Makeup Product #8:

Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipstick are simply amazing as they come in about 15 colors and are long lasting. The pigmentations are great and the texture is very smooth and velvety. These lipsticks can be found at any drug store such as Walgreens, CVS, etc and will only cost you $0.99.

Makeup Product #9:

Revlon ColorStay Smoky Shadow Stick is a great makeup product to carry in your purchase as you can use it to take your daytime look to a nighttime look. This dual-ended stick have the colors you need to give yourself a smokey eye look when you are on the run. It is available for only $7.69 and can be found at Target, Walmart and most foodtores.

Makeup Product #10:

Physicians Formula ph Matchmaker pH Powered Lip Gloss is a pretty cool type of lipgloss as everyone will have a different shade on their lips since the lipgloss reacts to your pH levels. This product will cost you around $4.50 and is available at Ulta, Amazon, and the Physicians website.

Once again, there are so many other products that could have made this list, but these are some of the best low cost makeup products that you will totally love and can afford without breaking your bank or pockets. If you missed the first part of the list, be sure to check out the 10 Cheap Makeup Products Under $10 Part 1. Have fun ladies!

10 Cheap Makeup Products Under $10 Part 1

Women love to purchase makeup and to be honest purchasing certain brands of makeup can become really expensive. At times it can seem pretty pointless to spend over $30 for makeup because of the brand instead of $7 for the same makeup by a different brands. Granted there are some cheap brands of makeup that are horrible for your skin and do not even work the way they are suppose too. On the other hand there are also several other products that are simply amazing and will not even break the bank. Continue reading to see the first 5 makeup products of the 10 Cheap Beauty Products Under $10:

Makeup Product #1:

Almay Wake Up Blush is only $9.99 to make your cheeks look amazing in a wonderful color. There are three different set of colors that you can choose and they are Rose, Berry and Pink. You will be able to find this product at your local Walgreens.

Makeup Product #2:

Maybelline New York Volum’ Express The Mega Plush Washable Mascara, yes the name of this product is a mouthful, but you will absolutely love it. The product is made of a gel-mousse texture and is made not to clump up on your eyelashes. You can purchase this product for $7.99 at any Walgreens, Target or Walmart store.

Makeup Product #3:

N.Y.C Color Cosmetics Individual Eyes Custom Compact is great for those who are consistently on the go and don’t have room to carry a huge makeup bag. This compact comes with four different colors, a primer, an illuminator and a double ended applicator. This product will run you at only $4.99 and offered at any Walmart or Walgreens.

Makeup Product #4:

Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Waterproof Gel Eyeliner is a wonderful line of gel eyeliners as the eyeliner pretty much lasts the entire day. You will be able to choose from five different colors and the tip of the application is fine, so you will be able to build the amount of eyeliner you desire. This gel eyeliner costs $6.99 and can be purchased at Ulta, Walgreens or Walmart.

Beauty Product #5:

E.L.F Cosmetics Baked Bronzer is absolutely amazing if you want a “sun-kissed” type of look on your skin. This bronzer can be used at any time of the year and is a great investment on a bronzer that gives you such a natural glow added to your skin. This bronzer will cost you $3 and can be found at

There is always going to be a preference of what type of brand of makeup you prefer, but just remember that there are other alternatives to what you are currently using. You might be surprised with the quality you will be getting with these products even though you will be getting them at a low price. Now that you got your makeup products to try out it is time for you to check out the Hottest 2012 Olympic Male Athletes and get your hot guy fix. Stay tuned for the second part of 10 Cheap Makeup Products Under $10.

Review: e.l.f Cosmetics

In recent years the cosmetic brand e.l.f (eyes lips face) cosmetics has grown to great popularity. The brand has in fact been around for 8 years and is known for their low prices and for being a cruelty free product line. Many women might not know what cruelty free means exactly as it means that the company does not test their products on animals. Many women are now shopping for cruelty free cosmetics and e.l.f cosmetics delivers on that and so much more.

There was a time where e.l.f cosmetics hasn’t had the best reputation and many people looked down on the product as it was seen to be too “cheap.” The products themselves have improved over the last couple of years. If you are looking to try low priced cruelty free products then do not look any further as e.l.f cosmetics has many products that you will fall in love with. The great thing is that many of their products are priced from $1-$6. They do offer eyeshadow palettes for extremely low prices. One of my favorite palettes has to be the 144-Piece Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette as it runs you only $15. That is one heck of a deal. The eyeshadows are very pigmented and can be blend quite nicely. There will be some shadows that might not be as nice as others, but for the price you cannot beat it.

The cosmetic brand offers three lines which are essential, studio and mineral. The essential line is where you will find mostly $1 products, the studio line is where the $3 items are located and the mineral line is their most expensive line at with most products are $6. Even at the most expensive line you will be saving yourself lots of money.

The company is not limited to eyeshadows as the offer blush, bronzers, brushes, cleansers, primer, tools and much more. The cosmetic brand’s website also offers makeup tips via their makeup artists which is a neat feature and the company is always offering deals on their products. Every week you can expect savings such as 50% off site wide, free shipping promo codes, buy $20 worth of items and get $20 worth of other products free, etc. This particular brand is sold in Target stores, but the items are very limited in stores. The best thing would be to purchase from online at and you will usually have your product delivered within a week. The company does ship internationally which is a great thing as well.

Remember not every product is going to be the best, but eyeshadows, eyeshadow primer and lipsticks are amazing from this company. I am looking forward on trying other products that e.l.f cosmetics offers. If you are looking for other cruelty free makeup companies make sure to check out Urban Decay Cosmetics as they have tons of amazing products. Make sure to read Does Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Really Work? There has been doubt about if the $20 primer does in fact do what it claims to do.

The “Wild Wild West” Is Back With the Latest Gun Holster Fashion

The new Gun Holster Fashion has been springing up in random places but surely leaving it’s mark. The gun holster fashion look is now being adopted by various establishments as their uniforms or required wardrobe/look such as the employees in Scotch and Soda. This is just one of the many establishments/business owners that have adopted this look.

Naturally, employees that are required to incorporate this style as part of their uniforms are not carrying guns. Instead they use it to store their notepads, pens, and any other small items you may want to put in the gun holster. It’s certainly a look that brings the “Wild, Wild West” back.

Hoda Designs who are jewelry designers have also adopted the refreshing but also, intimidating look to store their phones and wallets, rather than having their typical purse or handbag, they prefer this edgier look.

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If you’re looking for some edge in your style or want to make a statement- such as the “right to bare arms” (2nd Amendment) the Gun Holster Fashion would be a wonderful way in doing so. You can look totally bad ass, while making a political statement.

Also, if you’re just looking for something cool in which you can keep your small items- such as a pen, compact, lip balm or any other small items you will love the gun holster. The Gun Holster is great for this, as it offers limited space for people that don’t carry tons of things with them. The gun holster is extremely compact!

The Gun Holster Fashion is available in an array of styles and they have holsters for both women and men.







Top 5 Cheap & Chic Sunglasses For Women Under $20

There is something about having the perfect sunglasses as an accessory for any outfit that makes us women smile. These cool shades gives women the confidence to go out and tackle the world during the day. The only problem is collecting new sunglasses can leave a woman a bit broke from time to time. You don’t have to spend $100 on every single pair of sunglasses you want. There are lots of cheap and chic sunglasses that a woman can purchase to save a few bucks.

Below is the Top 5 Cheap & Chic Sunglasses Under $20:

1. Aviator:

These sexy shades go great for when you are out on the town during the weekend. They are incredibly chic with a hit of badass. You can pick up a pair of these shades at Express for around $20.

2. Simple Black:

This is just a classic style and the color black will pretty match every outfit you own. A woman always needs the color back for every item she owns such as black cocktail dress, black heels and black clutch. These shades you can get anywhere for around $10.

3. Ombre, Vintage Look:

This type of shade has a 70s feel to them due to their shape and the price is amazing for “vintage” look as they will run you about $6 at stores such as Forever 21.

4. Oversized:

Any oversized shade is incredibly trendy and many celebrities sport these types of shades on a daily basis. This style can be found for around $10 in stores such as PacSun.

5. Two Tone with Animal Print:

Animal prints are making their way around to every single item. Having a cute pair of shades that sports an animal print is super chic. This style of shade will run you about $12 anywhere.

There are of course other shades and brands you might want, but remember you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg just to sport a cool looking pair of sunglasses.

Top 5 Makeup Mistakes Women Tend To Make

When it comes to makeup most women are absolutely in love with products for the face, eyes and lips. Makeup is cosmetics that women use to make themselves look amazing for a full day and night of fun. When a woman makes certain makeup mistakes it can turn into a complete disaster and actually make the woman look horrible. Think about it, with the perfect match foundation a woman’s face can absolutely look flawless, but with the wrong match foundation the woman’s face will look like a hot mess of unevenness.

Top 5 Makeup Mistakes Women Tend To Make:

Makeup Mistake #1: Wearing Foundation On Overly, Dry & Flaky Skin

Foundation needs to be used on skin that has been exfoliated, especially those who have extra dry and flaky skin. When you put foundation on flaky skin it will make your skin look dry, even more so flaky, cracked and simply unhealthy. That of course is what you do not want people to see and notice. If your skin is dry or flaky make sure to exfoliate and then moisturize your face. After you have done this then you may apply liquid foundation and even it out on your face.

Makeup Mistake # 2: Wrong Shade Of Concealer

Many women and even female celebrities have made this mistake countless of times. For some reason they tend to use a much lighter shade of concealer for under their eyes. Using a lighter concealer will give you a raccoon type style of eyes and that is not the look you are looking for. Make sure to use an exact match to your skin tone.

Makeup Mistake # 3: Not Blending

It is very important to make sure you blend your makeup whether it is your foundation, blush or eye shadow. You don’t want to have any hard lines on your face as it is not very flattering. Blending is super important as it will help your face look overall smooth and flawless.

Makeup Mistake # 4: Over Using Luminizer

Every woman wants to look gorgeous and glowing, but sometimes a woman over does it with a luminizer. Luminizers are meant to give you a shimmery and glow tone, but if you use too much of it, then you will look ultra greasy. If you already have oily or acne skin applying too much luminizer will make your acne stand out and make your face appear even greasier.

Makeup Mistake # 5: Over Using Black Eye Shadow

Yes, using black eye shadow can be very chic, but when a woman is over applying and making herself look as if she has a black eye is never a good idea. If you are trying to achieve a smokey eye look then use colors such as gunmetal and silver to help achieve the look. Most smokey eye looks don’t use too much of the black eye shadow as it does with black eye liner, gunmetal and silver.

If you learn how to match your foundation, concealer and learn to blend; you are already a step ahead of the rest. Learning and practicing certain makeup techniques will definitely help you achieve amazing looks for whenever you want to apply makeup on. Now the only thing you need to know about is the Top 5 Summer Hair Color Ideas.

Hottest Swim Dresses Of 2012 For Women

Followers of read about the Hottest Bathing Suit Styles For Women of 2012, which featured all the different styles of bathing suits that are in season for this year. It seems that a lot of women are really excited about the Swim Dress that was featured in the article. For the lovers of the swim dresses this article is for you. I will take you into the world of the different styles and colors of the swim dresses that will get you all kinds of attention this summer. This trend of bathing suit is so popular that you even have mega super stars such as Beyonce Knowles sporting the hot swim dress on her beach vacations.

Below is the top 5 styles of the Swim Dress:

Style #1: Polka Dot

Polka dot is a style that will never be out of style and is widely accepted by a lot of fashion icons. Of course you have to wear the right type of polka dot. This swim dress is absolutely perfect for any woman who wants a bit of pattern and ruffles to their bathing suit. It is a fun and hip style to show off.

Style #2: Chic Party Goer

This style of swim dress is definitely a winner as it will sport your chic, sexy side and give you that touch of elegance on the beach. If you want to draw attention to yourself this is the style you should be going after.

Style #3: Ruffles

This swim dress is all about fun in the sun with the wrinkle mid section and multiple layers of ruffles. It is a bit shorter than the other swim dresses, but nonetheless you will still have great coverage while looking ultra stylish.

Style #4: Classic Sweetheart

This is an all time favorite for most women who are looking for a classic and sweet bathing suit, yet fun. The bathing suit has a sweetheart neckline as well as a single layer of ruffle across the top and bottom. This style looks amazing in coral, peach or any other bright color.

Style #5: Simple Black With Embroidery

As with any wardrobe you must have a black piece. This bathing suit screams out look at me I am classy, stylish and hot! The length is a bit longer and the fit is perfect as it is not figure hugging yet it will definitely show off your curves.

Make sure you shop around for which style of swim dress is the perfect match for you and once you find that make a statement on the beach. You will surely be turning heads with this one piece bathing suit.