Being Kind, Humble & Nice Is A Virtue! (Tips On How To Be A “Good” Person)

Being kind, humble and nice is certainly a virtue, just as being strong, tenacious and honest- even brutally honest. Women can have all these traits and be really triumphant at work, at home, in life and with themselves. Sadly, too many women take, for instance, being strong to a level that is just over the top. They’re no longer strong, per se, but become utter tyrants that people despise.

The same goes for the kind and humble woman. I certainly prefer these traits even when used/or acted upon stupidly, but either way, to be a kind, loving and humble person you don’t have to be everyone’s door mat, you don’t need to take crap from people and you need to speak up! Say what’s on your mind. If there’s anything more attractive in a strong and kind woman combo, is their ability to speak up for themselves and what they stand and believe in.

Being strong is certainly key to achieving any other trait with utter grace. However, as mentioned before there’s no need to be cocky, mean, condensing or demanding. It’s truly more important to be kind, humble and nice. Save your tenacity for the mean people. Naturally, always have your guard up. If you’ve lost focus because your under a lot of pressure and find yourself being a freaky, control freak that’s ultra demanding and border line mean, we have some tips you can check out and perhaps, apply?practice in your waking life…

Tips On How To Be A “Good” Person:

  •  Be Honest About What You Really Think (Challenge Yourself.)

For instance, if you’re asked to wait, you don’t have to say “no problem” nor do you have to lash out like a total witch. Just simply explain that you don’t wish to wait any longer since you’ve already been waiting and you have other appointments and errands that need to be taken care of. Surely, wherever you are, they will try to accommodate you as fast as they possibly can and you weren’t rude and you didn’t lie.

  •  Comprehend That Success Is Not A Game.

Traditionally, the space for women at the work place has been narrow. Just because one woman gets a promotion and you don’t or vice versa doesn’t mean you’ve lost. Someone had to get the promotion. Remember you’re not competitors but collaborators. Don’t go against your lady co-workers. Work together and don’t throw each other under the bus. It’s best to have a girly, side kick than an enemy at the work place. This will keep you good. Be proud of each other!

  •  Do Not Do Things That Feed Into Your Worst Delusions About Yourself!

Whether it’s watching a show that reminds you of your short comings or those of people you care for. Lurking about Facebook, checking out profiles of people you don’t like out of spite and envy…Don’t do this! This is- so very bad. This is potent poison that will only make you angry, bitter and worst of all you’re going to be feeling truly bad about yourself. Find activities and past times that will feed your brain and heart and make you feel good about yourself. Built your self esteem, don’t knock it down.

  •  Don’t Tear People Down With Despicable Words & Phrases.

Before you go on a rampage on how much someone sucks in a graphic and disgusting way, think about how it would sound if it came out of your daughter’s mouth or your little niece, or a younger woman that’s dear and close to you. Moreover, think about what it would feel like if what you say would be said about this dear person in your life. You don’t have to like everyone. Most people are not very likeable, do you want to join them? Don’t loose your dignity by being completely nasty about someone else. I’m sure you can find something else to talk about.

Above are some examples of ways to be a better person and examples of things not to do that prevent you from being the fundamentally good person you were before you got so jaded. We live in a cruel world with cruel people and their cruel intentions. Do we join them, or do we embrace being kind, humble and nice? Lead through example… Happy and nice people are contagious. I’m positive other people might not mind being infected with your sunny disposition.

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