Beauty Tip: Wear SPF This Summer & Top 10 Best Sunscreens

Women are constantly looking for ways to prevent premature wrinkles and aging to their face, but they forget the very important beauty tip of wear SPF during the summer. If you live in an area where the sun is shining all year long, then make sure that you are wearing a sunscreen or some type of moisturizer that contains SPF. The higher the SPF is the better it will protect your skin. The sun’s UV rays are extremely damaging to the skin and can cause all sorts of skin related issues. Take a look at the Top 10 Best Sunscreens to protect your face and body this summer.

1. Clarins Sun Control Stick for Sun-Sensitive Areas SPF 30: This little number is easy to travel with and is great for touch ups while you are out in the sun running errands. It will cost you around $26.

2. Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Lotion Sunscreen SPF 50: This particular sunscreen is simply amazing, because it not only protects your skin amazingly, but it also hydrates your skin for 12 hours. The product is made with hydrating ribbons produced from glycerin, shea and mango butter. It will cost you around $9.

3. Aveeno Active Naturals Protect + Hydrate SPF 70 Lotion: This products level of protection is simply wonderful. Plus, if someone does get a bit red from using another product they can easily put this one on as it has ingredients that helps soothe and reduce redness. It will cost you around $9.

4. Sunbum SPF 30 Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion: This product is approved by the Skin Cancer Foundation as it is water and sweat proof as well as paraben and oil free hypoallergenic formula. This will keep you from burning even while in water, but you have to make sure that you reapply every two hours. It will cost you around $16.

5. Neova DNA Damage Control Everyday SPF 43: This product is oil free and hydrates your skin. Plus, it contains DNA like repair enzymes that will help remove dark spots as well as protect your skin from damage. It will cost you around $39.

6. Coola Sport SPF Citrus Mimosa Sunscreen Spray: This product is great for those who don’t enjoy the smell of sunscreen too much. This spray actually has a bit of a citrus smell and the formula is made with ingredients such as Omega 3 and 6. It will cost around $32.

7. Neutrogena Beach Defense SPF 70 Spray: This product lasts around 80 minutes and protects your skin from the sun, chlorine, salt water and sweat. It will cost around $9.

8. Coppertone Tattoo Guard Lotion SPF 50: This product is great for those who have recently got inked or want to keep their existing tattoos looking fresh. It will protect your tattoo against the elements and is water resistant for up to 80 minutes. It will cost you around $8.

9. Banana Boat Sport CoolZone Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50: This product is great for those who are active in the sun and water as the product is water resistant. It also keeps your skin cool and soothe with the aloe that is in the product. It will cost you around $9.

10. Kiehl’s BB Cream Actively Correcting and Beautifying with SPF 50: This product is perfect for those who love wearing nothing, but desire to have some sort of tinted moisturizer to correct and even their skin tone. It will cost you around $37.

These products are definitely affordable and will make your skin look fantastic and youthful. Remember to always protect your skin, especially your face with a moisturizer or lotion that contains SPF.

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