Baby Lips By Mabelline Truly Leaves Lips Soft & Supple Just Like a Baby

Us women are always looking for lip balms,  Chap Sticks and lip-glosses sort of deals to keep our lips soft and hydrated. Through out the years I’ve stumbled across a few that are really good- such as The Cocoa Butter lip balm and Cover Girl’s lip-gloss with a tint, but none of these are nearly as great as Maybelline’s Baby Lips. You will notice a significant difference with just one application. Your lips will feel extremely soft with a touch of gloss and moisture that makes your lips appear as soft as “baby lips.” Moreover, now they come in a variety of shades and flavors. These still have the same effect as the original ” Baby Lips- Quench” but with a touch of color and a dash of flavor.

Baby Lips Selections With and Without Tint:

  •  1. Cherry Me (Tint)
  • 2. Quenched (Clear)
  • 3. Peach Kiss (Tint)
  • 4. G Vine (Tint)
  • 5. Pink Punch (Tint)
  • 6. Peppermint (Clear)

Benefits of using Maybelline’s Baby Lips:

  • Long wearing
  • Moisturizes
  • Hydrates
  • SPF20
  • Made in the U.S.A (That’s a rarity, so you know the product is high end)
  • Affordable

Moreover, Baby Lips is not just any lip balm; you can use it as a lipstick. It’s especially great for women that don’t like heavy make up and like to keep it simple just as they do fashion wise. Women that like wearing jeans and t-shits always look sexy but with a touch of “Baby Lips” it will bring attention to their faces as it makes lips look so smooth.

Baby Lips, is also awesome for women that like to rock their bathing suits with a little make up, they’ll come to realize that Baby Lips doesn’t only look pretty but has all the essentials lips need while they’re out sun bathing and splashing away by the poolside or beach.

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As of now I only own “Cherry Me” & “Quench” but I’m on a quest to collect all six flavors and tints. This is one make up product that isn’t only flattering for your lips but also, very healthy. I’ve certainly switched for good from Cover Girls’ moisturizing lip-gloss with a tint for some Baby Lips.

You can find Baby Lips in most Drug Stores in the make up aisles in “lip make up” under “lip balms.”

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