5 Tips For The First Date Women Should Follow

A first date is definitely a high stress situation. You are meeting with a guy for the first time and trying to gauge each other while maintaining a cool, calm and collected demeanor. You can make the night go much smoother though and there are a few things you can do that should land you a second date if you have found an interest in your date. There are 5 tips can help you have a great first date and take it from there. Here are the 5 Tips For The First Date Women Should Follow:

1. Be a lady in all senses of the word.

In this day and age you may notice that many women lack finesse and the touch of a true lady. If you want to stand out and have your date see you differently than other women he has encountered, be sure to act like a lady. Keep your manners up and don’t do anything that would make you seem like anything less than a lady.

2. Offer to pick up the check.

We aren’t in the stone age and women have fought for their rights and they have come a long way. Men are seeing women more independent every day. If you are an independent woman, you may want to express that in a subtle way. An easy way to do this is to offer to pick up the check for dinner. This will send your date the signal that you are independent and you don’t need a man to get by. If he is a true gentleman, he probably won’t let you pay for the date, but at least you will have showed that you aren’t there for his money.

3. Suggest a location.

An important part of a first date is the location. The location of the date is definitely going to set the mood for the evening. You may want to give your date a few suggestions for the location. He may have a few in mind so taking your suggestions into consideration should end up in the perfection location for the date.

4. Take it slow and don’t rush anything.

If you have hit it off during your date then you are going great at this point. Just remember that just because the first date went well, it doesn’t mean you are a perfect match so you don’t want to go jumping in the sack with him right away. If you feel a connection, take it slow and make sure the chemistry is right before you take it to the next level.

5. Equal conversation.

Conversation during your first date should be easy as you both are trying to get to know each other and should have enough to talk about. One clear mistake you need to keep from making though is talking too much and taking over the conversation. If he can’t get a word in, then he may become bored of the situation and want to move on. Keep your conversation level equal to his so you don’t come off overbearing or overwhelming.

By following these 5 tips on a first date you should be in good shape and if you like the guy and feel you clicked, then there should be no doubt that a second date will be in the works.

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