5 Signs That He Likes You

Trying to read a man’s mind is extremely hard, but you can still learn how to read his signs to see if he really likes you. There are certain gestures that a man does when he is totally into a woman. Some signs can be very subtle while others are very bold and out there. Once you witness some of the signs that will be discussed shortly you can make the necessary steps to talk about where you both should take this potential relationship too.

5 Signs That He Likes You:

1. He calls you often. When a man is into a woman he will call her to check on how her day went and to see if she is okay. There is no reason a man should wait to call a woman that he is totally into. When he calls he is showing you that you have been on his mind and that he was simply checking in on you.

2. He rather spend time with you than his friends. When a man opts out from hanging out with his buddies for guys night out he is really showing you that he values the time he spends with you and much rather be by your side on a Saturday night. This gesture also shows that he is done with his single life and ready to settle down with you.

3. He expresses his feelings as in he states he misses you when he doesn’t see you in two days. There is no shame for a man to express his feelings. He is directly telling you that he cares and wishes to be with you often. This sign is dead on direct and you should be happy once he tells you this. He sees a future with you and that is a great feeling.

4. He shows PDA, but the simple type of PDA as in he holds your hand or grabs your waist while you are both walking. This shows that he is proud to be seen with you in public and is very much so comfortable with you by his side.

5. He opens up and wants to talk about your relationship thus far. Men typically don’t like talking about their feelings and let alone be the first ones to bring up the topic of relationship. Even if he doesn’t ask you out during this conversation don’t be alarmed as he is just trying to figure out how to take it a step further. Plus, he might have some concerns on how things will plan out.

Dating is supposed to be fun and making things official is even better. Don’t rush things that will naturally come to past. If he shows any of these signs then he is definitely into you and will ask you out soon enough. Enjoy this time of getting to know one another and when he asks you out you will know he is sincere. Ladies, make sure you are always taking care of yourself. Don’t forget to read up on the Best Facial Beauty Products Of 2012 to pick up some products.

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