5 Marriage Topics You Should Never Share

People in general love to gossip and share stories, which can be fun at times. Other times it can be quite an awkward moment when you divulge personal information about what is going on in your marriage to your friends. There are certain issues or concerns in your marriage that should only stay between you and your spouse. No one needs to know the nitty greedy about everything that you both do and share. Here is a list of the 5 Marriage Information You Should Never Share:

1. TMI Regarding Sex: It’s always fun to boost about your sex life, but when you begin telling your friend about your husband’s pet name for his penis, and then it just becomes weird. How do you expect your friends to come over and face your husband when they all know he calls his “tool” Mr. Wiggle. Do not share info about your husband’s sexual fantasies, pet names for his penis, etc.

2. Debts: It doesn’t matter how much you are in debt or how little of a debt you and your husband have. The point is this really pays tribute on how financial you both are as a couple, plus you don’t want to brag about the little to non debt you have to a friend who might be struggling. They might unintentionally become resentful. Also, don’t express how much in debt you are as your friends might not invite you out or over to their home because they are afraid or feel guilty to show you that they are doing well.

3. Husband Dislikes Friend: In many marriages there is a high chance that a friend of yours, your husband doesn’t like. There is no need to tell your friend that your husband doesn’t like them especially if this friend never did anything to get disliked. If you do tell this will cause a lot of tension between you, your friend and husband. No need to lose friendships or offend anyone.

4. Husband Is A Jerk: It’s okay to vent to your friends when you need to about how difficult at times your husband can be, but when you only talk about his short comings and make him out to be the biggest douche of life your friends will never forget this. They will always associate him being an a-hole because of how you had constantly complained about him.

5. Monthly Income: There is no need to discuss how much money you and your spouse makes in a monthly basis as this can become an issue with friends. If you make too much, they might once again unintentionally resent you or constantly ask for loans. If you don’t make as much as them they might treat you a bit beneath them or don’t invite you to places because once again they will feel that you cannot afford a night out on the town.

Marriages can sometimes take work and be difficult at times with other issues, but if you can lower your risk of fights, issues, etc; then do so by following this advice of what you shouldn’t be sharing with your friends.

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