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Top 5 Best Makeup Brands For Eyeshadows

Women are constantly looking for makeup that are good and will stay on for long periods of time. There are tons of makeup brands out there in the beauty world, but there are only a few that work amazingly. There are some that are definitely a bit pricey, but are totally worth it. These eyeshadows glide on smoothly and can be blended for one of a kind looks. These brands of eyeshadows are also used by makeup artist professionals as well as your everyday woman who enjoys putting on makeup. This list is in no particular order, so take a look at the Top 5 Best Makeup Brands For Eyeshadows:

1. M.A.C: This brand is widely known for amazing pigmented eyeshadows and is mainly used by professionals in the beauty industry as well as beauty lovers. Their singles cost $15 each and they also offer a build your own palette.

2. Urban Decay Cosmetics: This brand is known for their vegan and cruelty free eyeshadows. Professionals and your every woman both agree that their eyeshadows are easily to apply and the colors are bright. This line has more glitter and shimmer eyeshadows than matte colors. Their singles cost $18 each. They do offer several different palettes are great prices.

3. SugarPill: This brand is relatively new to the game and their line does not carry a variety of colors, but their eyeshadows are absolutely fabulous. If you like bold, stand out vibrant colors then this is the brand for you. Their singles cost $12 each.

4. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC): This brand is 100% vegan and cruelty-free which is great for animal lovers who enjoy great quality makeup. They offer 36 shades of loose eyeshadows that are bright and long lasting. Their singles cost $14 each.

5. e.l.f (eyes lips face): This brand is not the best per se, but it is definitely the best in prices. The eyeshadows itself are great and last a good amount with using an eyeshadow primer. It’s great for those who like lots of colors, but do not wish to be dramatic with it. They have amazing palettes for incredible prices of $15 and up. As well as singles that cost $3.

This list is hands down some of the best brands for eyeshadows. Most of these colors are extremely pigmented and are long lasting. Yes, some of them might be a bit pricey to solely purchase all of the singles, but some of the companies do offer great deals on their palettes which come with 6 to 20 eyeshadows.

Are you looking for some celebrity gossip? Take a look at Khloe Kardashian Fired From “X-Factor” Due To Schedule Conflict.

Khloe Kardashian Fired From “X-Factor” Due To Schedule Conflict

There have been lots of orange juiceors flying around the reason or reasons to why a certain TV host got the can and will not be returning next season. It seems that Khloe Kardashian was fired from “X-Factor” due to schedule conflict and not because she didn’t get along with Mario Lopez. Another reason was because her mother, Kris Jenner, tried to get Lopez fired and replaced by one of her other daughters. It seems that the only reason that Kardashian did not get invited back was because her work schedule was too conflicting with the shows schedule.

It seems that Jenner and Kardashian aren’t too upset about it since they are busy with other shows and business ventures. Jenner revealed, “Khloe had such a good time and she wasn’t sure if she was going to come back or not, so I think that with everything going on and the other three shows she’s working on, it just worked out for the best. Everything happens for a reason, but she was in love with her experience and had such a good time. I hope everyone continues to watch and it’s such a great show. I’m sure they’ll be just fine!”

Maintaining appears on three different shows can definitely cause a bit of conflict for a national live television show. Kardashian’s good old pal, Ryan Seacrest, shared some words of encouragement and support by stating, “She did a great job. That’s tough if you’ve never done it before. She’s not trained at it, she kind of went out there, and her first gig was a live national show. She’s got plenty to do and I think she’ll be just fine, and I think she’d say, what a great experience and I’m glad that I had the opportunity to do it.”

People tend to forget that hosting a live television show can really be hard for someone who has never done it before. She did the best that she can and maybe if she ever gets another opportunity to host she will be a bit more comfortable with it.

Ladies, make sure you read about the 4 Reasons Why Women Dump Their Boyfriends to get the latest info on dating and relationships.

4 Reasons Why Women Dump Their Boyfriends

In a relationship a woman expects her man to be someone special to her and someone that treats her special. She needs someone she can depend and rely on. This person should also be someone who can be a true friend as well as someone that she can confide in. Part of your job as the boyfriend is to make her feel happy and loved. If you find yourself suddenly alone and that your woman left you, then it may very well be your fault. You may have done one or many things wrong that drove her to the end of her rope. Here are 4 Reasons Why Women Dump Their Boyfriends:

1. Have you cheated?

A big part of a relationship is trust and an easy way to completely destroy trust is by cheating. By cheating you are letting your woman know that there is something wrong in the relationship, but instead of talking it over and trying to fix it, your solution is to have an affair. Once caught cheating it is very difficult to make the relationship work harmoniously.

2. Too much control is not good.

Something to remember in a relationship is that a woman is looking for a boyfriend, not a dictator. Don’t try to control your woman by telling her what she can and cannot do. Actions like this are a sure fire way to drive her away from you very quickly.

3. Does she have your attention?

Women want your attention while in a relationship. If she talks, you should be listening and also communicating back in regards to what she is saying. If you don’t show her the attention she needs and wants, then she is very likely to leave and find someone that will give her the attention. This is a very important attention to detail type of matter because even if everything else is going great, a lack of attention can really push her away.

4. Bring in the intimacy.

A woman is not just a sex object and you shouldn’t see her as such. Women want more than just sex. They want you to be truly intimate with them. This means having physical contact in ways other than simply sex and also sometimes with no sex involved at all. If you lack the intimacy with your woman, then she may become dissatisfied with you altogether.

Examining these simple things and taking the necessary course of action in your relationship will surely help to make sure your woman doesn’t decide to just get up and leave one day. Make sure you take the time to read about the 5 Ways To Tell If He Is A Great Boyfriend.

Ciara Confessed On Why Rihanna Hates Her

Usually the men in the music entertainment world are the ones that have issues with each other and are always putting one another down. It seems though that the women in the music entertainment are looking into getting into a few feuds themselves. It seems that Rihanna has a huge issue with one of her fellow artists, but Ciara is confessed on why Rihanna hates her so much. During an interview with Philadephia Hot 107.9, Ciara made it clear that she has no idea why Rihanna has been slamming her left and right.

Ciara told the radio host that the two have “no relationship” and that she is really unsure as to why Rihanna has been starting trouble with her. She explains, “If something is supposed to happen, it’ll happen. But even when it pertains to her I never had an issue with her. So I don’t know what it is, I can’t figure it out. I guess I don’t care to figure it out.”

She goes on to say, “But I always came from a place of love and support for her ever since we hung out a little bit, or whatever it is. So she’s on whatever she’s on, and it is what it is.” Ciara seems absolutely calm about the entire situation and she seems to really have no issues with Rihanna.

On the other hand, Rihanna hasn’t been acting too mature about the situation as she has already responded to Ciara’s interview via Instagram. She stated, “Hehehe…u don’t know??? Cmooonnnnnn”

Who knows what the issues are between these two, but lets hope that things don’t get too far out of control as there is no point of getting nasty over nothing. They used to have a causal relationship years ago and obviously something has changed in the last few years to make these two not even be civil to one another. Actually, Rihanna is the one who is not being civil in the manner.

Looking for some dating or relationship advice? Check out the 5 Ways To Tell If He Is A Great Boyfriend to see if you are on the right track on having an amazing man in your life.

5 Ways To Tell If He Is A Great Boyfriend

Searching for your Prince Charming may not be easy, but there are a few ways to tell if he is a great boyfriend. Just remember that in life there are always signs that are there to guide you in making the right decisions. If something doesn’t feel right then move on. It’s simple as that. Here are a few things to look for that will let you know if he has the makings to be the one you may want to consider spending the rest of your life with. Take a look at the 5 Ways To Tell If He Is A Great Boyfriend:

1. Does he inspire you?

A great boyfriend will be in tune with your goals in life and he will motivate you to reach your goals. He knows how important it is for you to be happy in life and he will be there every step of the way to keep you focused and looking in the right direction.

2. Does he try to change you?

If he has tried to change who you are, then he may not be the one. A great guy will love you for who you are. He understands that we all have flaws but he doesn’t try to change you in any way. He focuses on your good qualities and always makes you feel good about yourself.

3. Does he always respect you and treat you well?

If he is a great boyfriend he should think of you in every situation. He should be taking your feelings into consideration and realize that in your relationship and for that you are both equals. You should have his undivided attention without having to ask for it and he should show you respect at all times. A great guy will also be aware when he hurts you and he won’t hesitate to make a sincere apology.

4. Does he make you feel beautiful?

Some guys have certain lines they use that trick you into thinking that they are truly paying attention to you. A great boyfriend will truly pay attention to you and even make references about you that will show his remarks are real. He will make sure that his actions make you feel beautiful and that you feel good about yourself.

5. Is he romantic?

A very important part of your relationship is the romance. You want more than just sex; instead you want to make love. You want it to have meaning to you and also to him. He needs to know the importance of this very important factor and he needs to be considerate of your needs. He should be open to conversation on the topic and take action towards it as well.

Taking these tips into consideration should help you narrow down the right guy for your life. If you are unsure on what you should do at this point because he isn’t doing any of the following, then talk to him and let him know how you feel. If things don’t change at this point, then you should move on with your life and find someone who is willing to try you right. Make sure you take a look at the Top 5 Cheap Must Have Beauty Products.