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Top 5 Things You Don’t Know About Your Man

It is pretty much safe to say that the opposite sex are always trying to figure each other out. Men are always trying to see what they can find out about women and the same thing goes for women always trying to figure out things about men. There are going to be tons of information about the opposite sex that we might never know about, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try to figure out stuff. This list is all about a few things that we might not know about our men and what they do when we are not around. All of the things are not bad, but some will have you thinking. Here are the Top 5 Things You Don’t Know About Your Man:

1. He is insecure: Believe or not, your man is just as insecure about his looks as you are. He is definitely worries about his body looking lean and muscular. The difference is that women will say what they don’t like about themselves out loud while men keep it to themselves.

2. He doesn’t talk about you much: Men like to keep their private lives private when it comes to talking about their current girlfriends to their friends. They don’t want to talk about how good you are in bed or how sexy your body is, because they do not want their friends to have a visual or an idea of what you look like naked or the sexual talents you might have. He rather keep that to himself and not brag about it to his friends.

3. He has a crush on your close friends and family: Unfortunately, men are just programmed differently than women. They will most likely find your best friend, close relative, etc to be attractive. Don’t be alarmed because they will most likely not pursue anything. They will just think about the person naked or how gorgeous she looks today.

4. He really isn’t a handy man: Most men will not admit that they don’t know how to fix most home items or even mechanical issues with vehicles. They want to keep up with the idea that men are natural fixers and that they know how to fix everything.

5. He secretly digs some chick flicks: Most men are not willing to admit that they totally dig some chick flicks. They rather pretend that they are too manly to enjoy a few of your favorite movies. The truth is he is probably more into some of those films than you are.

This is just a list of things that you might not have known about your man. This list also doesn’t apply to all men as there are some men that are 100% honest with their woman and doesn’t feel the need to hide anything from them.

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Kim Kardashian Desperately Wanted To Get Pregnant & Used Kanye West For Sperm

There is no secret that a certain reality television star wanted to get pregnant for years now. It is now said that Kim Kardashian desperately wanted to get pregnant and used Kanye West for sperm. It has been over a year since Kim has dumped her ex-lover, Kris Humphries, whom is still her husband legally. Orange Juiceors began that she dropped him because she realized that he was too messy and she did not like how he presented himself to the reality world. Well, it is now orange juiceored that she left him because she figured he won’t make a good father for her future kids.

A source has recently told press, “Kim wants everyone to think this pregnancy was completely spontaneous, but the truth is she made it happen. She totally used Kanye for his sperm – she’s been on the hunt for a sperm donor ever since splitting from Reggie Bush.” That does seem to be accurate as she has been orange juiceored trying to get back to Reggie because he was the love of her life. Ever since that break up Kim has been dating anyone and everyone, plus trying to get pregnant at the same time.

There is more information that the source stated, “As soon as she realized that Kris was a bad choice for a father, Kim ditched him and went after Kanye. Kanye is way more into her than she is into him. He would do anything for her. That’s why the sob story worked out and he agreed to the in vitro. But if he hadn’t agreed to it, she would have left him in a heartbeat and found a new baby daddy. Kim totally used Kanye for his sperm.”

Now it is being said that Kim and Kanye didn’t conceive the baby the old fashion way and Kim couldn’t wait to get pregnant, so she undergo in vitro fertilization. Kim didn’t want to wait and see if she could get knocked up and rushed Kanye to do this procedure for her. The source revealed that in vitro ended up being the choice as she wasn’t getting pregnant fast enough. Even though she would make Kanye have sex with her countless of times during the week.

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5 Signs Women Use To Break Up With A Man

Ladies, have you lost that spark you once felt for your boyfriend? Do you think the relationship is at its end? There will be those types of relationships with tons of passion in the beginning and for some reason the passion completely fades out. Are you looking for a way out? Well, if you want to ease your way into the breakup, there are a few ways you can discretely leave your man hints to the fact that the breakup is just around the corner. Take a look at the 5 Signs Women Use To Break Up With A Man:

1. If you are serious about moving on, then you might want to start looking at your options. Also, you are going to want some time away from him, so start going out with the girls. Hit up the nightclubs and have a good time. This way you get your time away from your guy and you also get an opportunity to keep your eyes open for someone to fill his shoes once he is gone.

2. When you come to the realization that you no longer want to be with your current guy and you want to move on, then you are also going to have to cut your emotional ties. A big emotional connection is through your sex life and physical contact in general. By you pulling away from his touch and slowly reducing your sexual relations with him, you will make it easier on your emotions once you end it off with him.

3. Put some distance between you two. An easy way to do this is to shorten your phone conversations or lessen them all together. The less you speak to him, the closer you are to getting away from him. This includes all forms of communication via text, emails or any type of social media.

4. If you have come to the realization that he is really just a friend and nothing more, then don’t introduce his as anything more than just a friend. Don’t lead him on or try to pretend. If you are sure that the breakup is the move you want to make, then he is just a friend and that is how you should refer to him.

5. Remember that when you are in public, all eyes are on you. If you no longer want to be with him, then avoid the public displays of affections. Kissing and holding hands out in public will only lead him to think that things are great between you two. Also, you are sending a sign that you two are together. If you are looking to move on, then you would rather give off the sign that you are single.

By keeping these simple steps in mind, it should be easy to drop hints to your guy that you don’t want him around anymore and it will also help you move on as well.

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Top 5 Celebrity Cosmetic & Beauty Lines

We all know that celebrities love dabbling in other business ventures and most tend to write a book or come out with a fragrance line. There are some celebrities that enjoy cosmetics and other beauty products that they take the time to work closely with a cosmetic company to produce their own beauty line of hair products, makeup and facial creams. You will be surprised at which beauty lines are owned and designed by certain celebrities. Take a look at the Top 5 Celebrity Cosmetic & Beauty Lines:

1. Alterna Haircare: Katie Holmes recently became co-owner and creative director for this brand. This particular product is well known around the world and one of their prime ingredients is caviar which gives the hair a rich and glossy appearance.

2. Flower Cosmetics: Drew Barrymore is the owner of this cosmetic line as it features eye shadows, nail polishes, lipsticks, mascaras and lip glosses. Even though a celebrity is the owner of this line the prices are extremely reasonable. All of the items are $15 or under.

3. Iman Cosmetics: Iman, supermodel, has owned this company for many years now. She has a full range of products that include bronzers, eye shadows, BB cream, lipsticks and much more. There is even a skincare line of products to give you healthy and even skin tone.

4. Kat Von D Cosmetics: Kat Von D owns this line of cosmetics that range from eye shadow palettes, lipstick sets, tattoo concealer, blush and much more. This line is edgy and fun for all those who want to create dramatic looks.

5. Meaningful Beauty: Cindy Crawford owns this wonderful anti-aging skincare line. She seems never to age and it all has to do with the products she uses. She works closely with her favorite chemist to produce this amazing seven product Advanced Aging System. It has been said that in a matter of a month all customers saw a huge difference in their skin.

These products can easily be purchased online or even in store. If you are interested in trying out some of these products don’t be afraid to spend some cash on really great products. The best part is that most of these cosmetic and beauty lines are extremely affordable for the everyday woman. Take a look at the Top 10 Best BB Creams!

Top 10 Best BB Creams

Every woman has been going absolutely crazy over the release of BB creams, but not all BB creams have been created the same. There are tons of cosmetic companies that have released their version of what they believe is a great product. The BB creams listed on this post have had amazing reviews and can be purchased for a great price. BB creams have been created as an all-in-one facial product as it is made to replace face primer, seorange juice, sunblock, moisturizer and foundation. This product can be worn by itself or with other products depending on how much coverage you will need.

Top 10 Best BB Creams:

1. Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector B.B. Cream SPF 15: This product contains vitamin C and mineral pigments that are designed to give your skin an amazing “makeover” that is instantly. This item can be purchased for $9.36.

2. Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm SPF 20: This product contains several different minerals that are designed to tighten the skin, repair cell health and give your face a glow. It contains no oil and protects your skin from UVA and UVB. This item can be purchased for $32.

3. L’Oreal Youth Code BB Cream Illuminator SPF 15: This product contains vitamins C and E that is great for your skin and helps even out your skin tone. This item can be purchased for $16.99.

4. Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream Sheer Tint 8-In-1 Skin Perfector: This product is designed to give you 8 skin improvements over a course of time. It was designed to brighten, even out skin tone, hydrate, smoothes texture, blurs imperfections, prevents breakouts, enhances and contains SPF 30 to protect your skin from sun rays. This item can be purchased for $7.44.

5. Dr. Jart+ Black Label Detox BB Beauty Balm: This product is designed to even out uneven skin tones and blemishes as well as lightens up any dark spots. The product contains ingredients that will keep blemishes from reoccurring over and over. This item can be purchased for $36.

6. Clinique Age Defense BB Cream SPF 30: This product is designed to prevent early aging signs as well as adds great coverage that will make your skin look flawless. This item can be purchased for $37.

7. Bobbi Brown BB Cream Broad Spectorange juice SPF 35: This product will instantly make your skin look even it will also moisturize and brighten it. If you have a lot of redness in your face this product will lessen the redness as well as protect your skin from sun rays. This item can be purchased for $42.

8. Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35: This product is made with optical pearl pigments, which is to give your skin a natural glow. This is a tinted moisturizer, primer and sunblock. It is designed to control oil and if a woman has naturally oily skin it will not cause you to break out. This item can be purchased for $39.

9. Dr. Brandt Flexitone BB Cream: This product is designed to even out your skin by matching the lightest and darkest tone. There are encapsulated pigment spheres that help with the matching. Plus, the product contains SPF 30; which protects the skin from harmful sun rays.

10. Stila Stay All Day 10-In-1 Beauty Balm: This product contains all of the benefits of all the others plus it has the fighting power to stay on all day long. It doesn’t matter what you are doing this product will not fade off as the time passes by.

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5 Types Of Men Women Don’t Enjoy Dating

There are definitely types of men that women try to stay away from for numerous of reasons. Women are always looking for something unique in a man that she is interested in dating. There are a few things that women generally do not like for a man of interest to have. These personalities and qualities are unattractive to women who are looking for a long term relationship with a man. Here are the 5 Types Of Men Women Don’t Enjoy Dating:

1. A Financially Unstable/Irresponsible Man: Women do not want nor feel comfortable being with a man who cannot spend his money wisely, always broke, asking for money, constantly overdrawing his bank account, etc. She doesn’t want to be the only response adult in the relationship and constantly have to bail out her man when he is in a financial jam.

2. A Liar/Untrustworthy Man: Everyone has lied at one point in their life, but when a man lies about each and every little thing no woman could possibly believe him. There are some men who will lie through their teeth just to get laid or to use the woman for everything she has. No woman is going to allow this once she figures out his indiscretions.

3. A Desperate Man: These types of men completely turn off women as they are giving off creepy vibes. They desperately want to be in a relationship, but have no type of skills when it comes to dating and being a great boyfriend. This is due to them being completely overwhelming towards the women they encounter.

4. An Overly Cocky Man: It’s always a good thing to have confidence in yourself, but when a man is entirely in love with himself this is a huge turn off for women. This type of man only cares about himself and what makes him happy. He doesn’t know how to treat and respect others in a manner that should be known and practiced.

5. A Cheater Type Of Man: This type of man doesn’t understand the rules of being in a committed relationship. All he cares about is pleasing his needs when it comes to pleasure. He has no respect for the woman that he is with. He is completely untrustworthy and will always be a cheater.

These are the types of men that women are not attracted to and do not want in their lives for the long run. They want a good man that they can start a life and family with.

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Rocker Chick Pink Talks About Marriage & Her Baby

Today, we will be talking about the very lovely Pink, who has always rocked one of the 5 Sexy Short Haircuts For Women that we mentioned last week, and her relationship to her husband and her cute baby girl. Many women admire Pink due to her strong, fierce and independent woman qualities and she has never allowed the industry to change who she is. Pink has always had this tough, bad girl attitude that made her absolutely desirable to anyone who has ever followed her career.

During an interview with REDBOOK, she talks about how she reconnected with her husband, Carey Hart, after they were broken up for 11 months. She starts off by stating, “Eleven months after we broke up, he asked me to fly to Las Vegas to perform on New Year’s Eve at his club. I wanted to see him. And I looked hot. There’s something about breaking up with someone — you just look hotter than you ever did before. I will never look as good as I did those six months after we broke up. Never! [Laughs] Anyway, after sound check I told him that he needed to come to my room. I had made him a photo album of all the cards he had ever given me, of all the photos of our entire relationship.”

Pink continued, “I spent months on this album. On the last page, I pasted a photo of me from a really bad movie I made years ago with my neck slit and blood everywhere. Next to it I wrote, ‘This is me without you.’ On the next page, there was a picture of a baby. And I wrote: ‘The rest is unwritten.’ The divorce papers that we never signed were behind that page. I was like, ‘The rest is up to you.’ And I did all of this in his favorite bra and panties.”

As you can see her method was very powerful and she let it be known to her man that she wanted a future with him and that they were meant to be with one another. Plus, it definitely helped that she was looking sexy wearing his favorite bra and panties during this meet up. Girl truly knows how to get what she wants in a fabulous way.

Pink has a lovely daughter named Willow and she stated that the first night was a bit rough, but she was able to get through it with the help of one of the nurses. She reveals, “That first night in the hospital, she was having a complete meltdown, and Carey was out of it. But this nurse came in and she helped me through the whole thing. We sat up and talked all night with my baby in my arms, and it was like my whole life made sense, for the first time, ever.”

The industry was not kind to pink in the first place and they continued to put her down since she wasn’t a “typical” female singer, but she showed them all that she can and could make it in this industry. She briefly talks about this situation, “‘A girl like me is someone who doesn’t rest on her looks, who has had people tell me from day one, ‘You’re never going to get magazine covers because you’re not pretty enough.’ I’m totally comfortable with that. I know my strong points: I work hard, I have talent, I’m funny, and I’m a good person.” It’s all about making sure you know yourself worth and following your dreams.