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5 Sexy Short Haircuts For Women

Most women are afraid of cutting off their hair, but they totally dig the short haircuts and the styles that go along with it. For years society has made it seem as if a woman doesn’t have long hair she is not sexy enough, but in recent years more and more women have been cutting their long locks for short stylish haircuts. There are several celebrity women that have sported short hair for years and now more than ever more female celebrities have been joining them. If you have been thinking about cutting off your hair just remember that you can look amazing and sexy with short hair.
5 Sexy Short Haircuts For Women:

1. Pixie Haircut:

This haircut is sexy and edgy at the same time. Most women either wear this look tamed or spiked and either way looks absolutely fabulous. Plus, it is incredibly easy to maintain, especially for those busy moms on the go.

2. Bob & Bangs Haircut:

This haircut is great for those women that have fine, straight hair as it will allow you to have the sleek look, but give you a bit of volume and life. The bangs should be blunt cut type of bangs as they will work best with this hairstyle.

3. Shaved Pixie/Spike Haircut:

This haircut is definitely for those who want to make a bold statement. Celebrities such as Pink have been rocking this haircut for years, but it came back in style when the young Miley Cyrus chopped off her locks for this look.

4. Medium/Casual Bob:

This haircut is close to the jawline, but sits a bit high from the shoulders. It contains long side sweep bangs as well as 180 degree long layers. It’s a fun look for those who have wavy to straight hair.

5. Long Bob Haircut:

This haircut is simply timeless and classic as it frames a woman’s face amazingly. It’s perfect for those who want to cut their hairs but do not want their hair to be cut too short.

Some of these haircuts do not work with all hair types and textures, so you will definitely need to check out which styles will work best for you. In fact, you can take these pictures with you to your hairstyles and she or he can definitely guide you to the right choice. Now that you have you hair looking fabulous you have to make sure that your makeup is too. Read about the 5 Makeup Looks That Men Love to see if your makeup routines are on point.

5 Makeup Looks That Men Hate

Last week we discussed the types of makeup looks that men really enjoy and if you didn’t get a chance to look at that particular article, then take the time now to check out the 5 Makeup Looks That Men Love. Today, we will take a look into what men don’t like on a woman’s face. There are tons of looks that men just find unattractive, but there are those very common makeup looks that men ultimately dislike. Take a look at the 5 Makeup Looks That Men Hate:

1. Drag Queen Makeup:

When a woman puts on too much eye makeup that makes her look like a performer on a drag queen show men are automatically uninterested in this woman.

2. Santa Clause Rosey Cheeks:

There is no problem with a woman wearing blush, but when she over does it and looks like the jolly old man that is just a big no no.

3. Slapped By The Sun:

Bronzer is great as it gives any woman that extra glow, but when she puts too much on to look as if she was burnt by the sun she makes herself look undesirable.

4. Caked On Foundation:

Most men don’t mind when a woman puts on a bit of foundation, but when she goes overboard and gives herself a thick, cakey layer of foundation men are uninterested. He is wondering at this point what you are really hiding under all of that makeup.

5. Neon Lipstick:

Even though neon lipstick colors are amazing and great for certain photo shoots they don’t particularly look great on romantic dates. Most women cannot wear neon color lipsticks, because it doesn’t match their skin tone and features.

If you are guilty of any of these makeup mistakes, then quickly make the change as you might be hurting your chances of finding love. Your face is the first thing men see and you don’t want to scare him off because of your poor makeup choices.

5 Makeup Looks That Men Love

Believe it or not ladies these men in your lives are paying close attention to your makeup styles and there are some looks that they absolutely love. There are other looks that they cannot stand, but we will get into those looks another day. There are some looks that truly draw men towards a woman, because they just like the way she put on her makeup. The looks that are going to be discussed are looks that you are probably already trying out and there might be others that you should attempt to do. Makeup is fun to play with, but when you do it right it can make a big difference in your self-esteem as well as your love life.

5 Makeup Looks That Men Love:

1. Smokey Eye:

This look is extremely sexy and sultry. Men are taken back by this look as when a woman stares at them through the dark shades it makes their stomach do jumping jacks.

2. Tiny Amount of Blush:

When a woman does her makeup light and adds just a pinch of rosy cheeks men go crazy. They love the way blush makes a woman’s face glow.

3. Red Lips:

Men love it when a woman wears red lipstick and bold black eyeliner and that’s it. It screams out “We are going to have fun tonight” and she just looks plain ole sexy.

4. Cat Eye:

When a woman does her cat eye look just right it’s incredibly alluring and makes her seem a bit naughty.

5. Natural:

At the end of the day men love it when a woman is wearing nothing and is simply au naturel. He loves to see how well you have taken care of your skin and how amazing your natural beauty really is.

Ladies, at the end of the day you are able to wear foundation, but a lot of guys do not enjoy the caked look. They want you to look your best, but not to change your overall appearance. At the end of the day you don’t want a man to think you look one way and then he sees you without the 3 pounds of makeup and he is in shock. Take a look at the Top 5 Sexy Celebrity Braided Hairstyles.

Methods To Use Internet Dating

It’s sometimes challenging to have chemistry with a man or woman you’ve never met nor talked with before getting together for a first date. It’s alright because that’s why there is free of charge internet dating sites that are developed to help working women and men connect with the correct person for themselves. If this is your very first attempt at trying a free of charge internet dating webpage, here are 4 things to have in mind:

1. Register for a adult dating user page.

2. Only put information about yourself.

3. Add about what you are searching for from another person.

4. Do not share private information such as credit card numbers.

Once you start it’s totally easy to get into the groove of things. You will be getting plenty of PMs from other local singles. On your page you will be able to download images of yourself, video chat and a lot more features. Sign up for a free of charge internet dating webpage today.

Top 5 Sexy Celebrity Braided Hairstyles

Trying new hairstyles out can be really fun and interesting, but a lot of women forget all about incorporating braiding into their hairstyles. Most women associate braids for young girls and what they used to wear when they were a child. The thing is there are a lot of sophisticated braided hairstyles that women are missing out on. Some of these styles might take some practice, but once you have it down packed you can look fabulous and stylish in a matter of minutes. In fact, many celebrities these days are rocking the braided look for events, red carpets, etc. Take a look at the Top 5 Sexy Celebrity Braided Hairstyles:

1. Braided Headband

2. Ballerina Bun With Braid

3. French Braid Chignon

4. Half- Headband Braid

5. Loose Textured Braid

All of these styles will look fantastic for any event that you attend. Some of these hairstyle braids are not meant to look clean and neat, yet a bit messy and wild. A lot of these styles are also designed for those with long hair, but can be modified for those with medium to short hair. The next time you are in a rush for an event, make sure you had a braided style to your hair that will surely impress others and make you stand out from the crowd.

Make sure you read all about Katie Holmes New Face & Part Owner of Alterna Haircare for the latest news on this fabulous brand.

Top Three Methods For Chicks On How To Go After A Guy

There’s zilch bad with a chick making the first moves. Numerous of men who actually find this to be very attractive when a chick that has a lot of confidence makes their way towards them. Take a look at the Three Reasons Why Girls Should Ask A Man Out:

1. He can’t speak correctly to women: There’s a chance that he just does not have the confidence to flirt, but does have the ability to sustain a long term relationship. That is definitely a good trait that you want to look for in a gentleman.

2. He is shy: Most dudes think that an extremely beautiful babe will not desire to date them. Women give this kind of gentleman a sexy smile to show him he can mingle with you.

3. Bad luck with past girlfriends: Maybe he has not asked you to be official because he is too scared of being hurt again due to a horrible relationship experience. Women give this kind of man a chance to get to know you somewhat.

If you are anxious to hang out with guys that you are going to love talking to. Remember, don’t be shy when making the first approach. Start your online dating member profile today.

Katie Holmes New Face & Part Owner Of Alterna Haircare

Who says just because you get a divorce you can’t move on with your life quickly and be successful? Katie Holmes is now the new face and part owner of Alterna haircare. Holmes didn’t have much success with her Broadway show Dead Accounts, as it was canceled ahead of time, but she is looking great as the new spokeswoman for the haircare line. Holmes is 34 years old and she was just named the new face of the well known Alterna Professional Haircare and she is now part owner of the company. Isn’t that amazing? This woman is definitely making a name for herself and not being considered one of the exes of Tom Cruise.

As being part owner, she will also give her opinions and input on all of the brand’s products and initiatives. It seems that she is not the only person excited about this new business venture as the president of Alterna, Joan Malloy, released a statement, “Being an actress who emotes natural luxury and individuality and accessibility, this was the perfect opportunity for us to come together. Katie is a fashionista, a mother and an entrepreneur. In short, she is our consumer.”

Holmes has also expressed her love for the product and knows why she is the perfect part owner for the company. She stated, “I love that Alterna uses natural and organic ingredients and stays away from harsh chemicals like sulfates and parabens. It’s good for my hair and good for the earth, so I feel good using it.”

It seems that Holmes is truly coming into her own person. It seems that she has been in the shadows of Cruise for the last 5 years and it is now that she is taking her career to higher levels. We definitely wish the single mother, actress, entrepreneur, etc. all the best wishes for her career. She seems extremely passionate about what she is now involved with.

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