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Hottest Swim Dresses Of 2012 For Women

Followers of read about the Hottest Bathing Suit Styles For Women of 2012, which featured all the different styles of bathing suits that are in season for this year. It seems that a lot of women are really excited about the Swim Dress that was featured in the article. For the lovers of the swim dresses this article is for you. I will take you into the world of the different styles and colors of the swim dresses that will get you all kinds of attention this summer. This trend of bathing suit is so popular that you even have mega super stars such as Beyonce Knowles sporting the hot swim dress on her beach vacations.

Below is the top 5 styles of the Swim Dress:

Style #1: Polka Dot

Polka dot is a style that will never be out of style and is widely accepted by a lot of fashion icons. Of course you have to wear the right type of polka dot. This swim dress is absolutely perfect for any woman who wants a bit of pattern and ruffles to their bathing suit. It is a fun and hip style to show off.

Style #2: Chic Party Goer

This style of swim dress is definitely a winner as it will sport your chic, sexy side and give you that touch of elegance on the beach. If you want to draw attention to yourself this is the style you should be going after.

Style #3: Ruffles

This swim dress is all about fun in the sun with the wrinkle mid section and multiple layers of ruffles. It is a bit shorter than the other swim dresses, but nonetheless you will still have great coverage while looking ultra stylish.

Style #4: Classic Sweetheart

This is an all time favorite for most women who are looking for a classic and sweet bathing suit, yet fun. The bathing suit has a sweetheart neckline as well as a single layer of ruffle across the top and bottom. This style looks amazing in coral, peach or any other bright color.

Style #5: Simple Black With Embroidery

As with any wardrobe you must have a black piece. This bathing suit screams out look at me I am classy, stylish and hot! The length is a bit longer and the fit is perfect as it is not figure hugging yet it will definitely show off your curves.

Make sure you shop around for which style of swim dress is the perfect match for you and once you find that make a statement on the beach. You will surely be turning heads with this one piece bathing suit.

Baby Lips By Mabelline Truly Leaves Lips Soft & Supple Just Like a Baby

Us women are always looking for lip balms,  Chap Sticks and lip-glosses sort of deals to keep our lips soft and hydrated. Through out the years I’ve stumbled across a few that are really good- such as The Cocoa Butter lip balm and Cover Girl’s lip-gloss with a tint, but none of these are nearly as great as Maybelline’s Baby Lips. You will notice a significant difference with just one application. Your lips will feel extremely soft with a touch of gloss and moisture that makes your lips appear as soft as “baby lips.” Moreover, now they come in a variety of shades and flavors. These still have the same effect as the original ” Baby Lips- Quench” but with a touch of color and a dash of flavor.

Baby Lips Selections With and Without Tint:

  •  1. Cherry Me (Tint)
  • 2. Quenched (Clear)
  • 3. Peach Kiss (Tint)
  • 4. G Vine (Tint)
  • 5. Pink Punch (Tint)
  • 6. Peppermint (Clear)

Benefits of using Maybelline’s Baby Lips:

  • Long wearing
  • Moisturizes
  • Hydrates
  • SPF20
  • Made in the U.S.A (That’s a rarity, so you know the product is high end)
  • Affordable

Moreover, Baby Lips is not just any lip balm; you can use it as a lipstick. It’s especially great for women that don’t like heavy make up and like to keep it simple just as they do fashion wise. Women that like wearing jeans and t-shits always look sexy but with a touch of “Baby Lips” it will bring attention to their faces as it makes lips look so smooth.

Baby Lips, is also awesome for women that like to rock their bathing suits with a little make up, they’ll come to realize that Baby Lips doesn’t only look pretty but has all the essentials lips need while they’re out sun bathing and splashing away by the poolside or beach.

Check out the Hottest Bathing Suit Styles For Women Of 2012

As of now I only own “Cherry Me” & “Quench” but I’m on a quest to collect all six flavors and tints. This is one make up product that isn’t only flattering for your lips but also, very healthy. I’ve certainly switched for good from Cover Girls’ moisturizing lip-gloss with a tint for some Baby Lips.

You can find Baby Lips in most Drug Stores in the make up aisles in “lip make up” under “lip balms.”

Kristen Stewart ‘KStew’ Receives Lots Of Hate Mail From Fans

It hasn’t been easy for all those involved in the cheating scandal. Lives have been ruined and families have been ripped apart. Stewart has definitely been feeling the wrath of it all and things don’t seem to be slowing down. Twilight fans from around the world are devastated themselves about what has occurred between their favorite celebrity couple. These fans themselves are hurt because they have invested so much time and energy in supporting the star Hollywood couple.

It seems as they are now going through the angry phase of a breakup and sending Stewart lots of hate mail and writing the most horrible things about her. A source close to the actress has revealed that Stewart “is a complete mess. She’s torturing herself by constantly reading the nasty stuff being written about her.” This is definitely not a healthy thing to do especially when a person is extremely down and depressed. She is truly making things worse for her.

Stewart is now going through the most difficult part of a breakup in which a person feels that they cannot live without their partner. The same source told press, “She’s said some pretty crazy things lately, like how she’ll die if he doesn’t take her back or how no one would care if she disappeared off the face of the earth.”

Stewart has been waiting on Robert Pattinson to decide if he wants to stay in the relationship or not. Neither of them has publicly released a statement of an official split, but Pattinson hasn’t made it easy for Stewart at all. In all fairness he has every right to let Stewart continue to wait on his decision. He needs to think if this relationship is something worth saving and he deserves to know the complete truth of what has been going on behind his back. Will he ever get that truth? Maybe or maybe not. Only time will tell.

10 Ways To Lose Weight That Is Easy & Effortless

Women are always looking for ways to lose weight and sometimes the hustle and bustle of life can make it hard for a woman to stay on top of healthy regiments. Of course the only way to really lose weight is eating right and exercising, but there are a few little tricks to help you maintain a healthy weight and even lose a few pounds in the process. Here are the 10 Ways To Lose Weight That Is Easy & Effortless:

1. Make Your Own Lunch: Instead of eating out during your lunch break at work make sure you bring your own lunch. Eating out often will make you gain weight after a short period of time. Make it a point to cook all of your meals every single day. This way you know what you are putting into your body and you will feel so make better. Also you will be saving yourself a lot of money each and every week.

2. Keep A Food Journal: When you write down everything you eat during the day you will have the opportunity to see what you are consuming daily. This will help you to visually see what you are consuming and help you cut down tremendously. This journal is your wake up call to get a closer look at how much you are eating daily.

3. Eat Popcorn: The type of popcorn I am referring to is the corn kernels that you cook over the stove with a small amount of vegetable oil. You cannot make the movie versions microwave popcorn as those have too many calories.

4. Drink Soft drink: Just drinking a glass of soft drink or two daily will help you maintain your weight as well as it is great for your cardiovascular system. Plus, women who drink soft drink daily eat a bit less.

5. Eat Coffee Beans: Snacking on several unroasted coffee beans have been said to slow down the absorption of fat and glucose in your stomach area.

6. Keep Hands Cool: Make sure to keep your hand cool while you are working out as studies have shown that you can workout for a longer period of time when your hands are cool. You can keep your hands from heating up by holding a water bottle or any other object that is cool.

7. Take Breaks: You don’t have to workout 24/7 as your body does need to rest and recoup. Take a day or two during the week to have as your rest days. You can hurt your chances of losing weight and toning up by over working your body.

8. Have A Exercise Partner: Some women really need to have a gym partner to stay motivated to workout and lose the weight.

9. Eat Chocolate: Women who eat chocolate moderately will be slimmer than those who eat it occasionally. Eat milk chocolate or dark chocolate for this tip to work. No Reese cups or snickers.

10. Take Smaller Bites: When you take smaller bites you will end up eating less at each meal time. Plus, eating slower will make you fuller rather than stuffing your face quickly.

Try out these ways of losing weight and maintain your weight. You will see a big difference and gain so much more energy throughout the day.

Robert Pattinson Is Not In London, He Is Staying At Reese Witherspoon’s Ranch House

Everyone has been wondering where in the hell is Robert Pattinson located at. There were orange juiceors that he left back to his native London or he literally vanished. It is safe to say that he hasn’t vanished nor is he in London right now. Those orange juiceors were made up by his close friends to confuse the media in thinking that Pattinson left. There was even some chick via Twitter who stated that she saw Pattinson having orange juice with his sister somewhere in London. A lot of Twitter followers of course didn’t believe this chick.

Pattinson is in fact staying with his once co-star, Reese Witherspoon, but at her ranch home. The home is filled with horses, ponies, pigs and peacefulness which is what he needs right now. The ranch is out in the city of Ojai in California and is quite a big place. It is estimated to be around $7M. A source close to Pattinson tells press that is he still “a total mess” and is “questioning everything.”

Witherspoon and Pattinson grew close during the filming of Water for Elephants and she is more than willing to help Pattinson get through this break up. Witherspoon has dealt with cheating as her ex-husband, Ryan Phillippe, which was also made public. Basically, Witherspoon is no stranger to heartache and cheating partners. She is probably giving him advice on how he can deal with all the media and to pretty much ignore it all.

Not lodging around at the ranch all day, Pattinson has been seen having a drink with manager, Nick Frenkel, around LA. This is great news. This guy shouldn’t be all cooped up at a home being sad and crying his eyes out. Witnesses told press that Pattinson was taking back quite a few orange juice with not a care in the world. Good for him! Hopefully he doesn’t make this a habit though as drinking your problems away never work. That is just a temporary solution.