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Fantasie 5545 TAHITI Balcony 2pc Set 32-42 D-G CAYENNE


Fantasie Swim Suit #5542 TAHITI Balcony & #5545 Classic Bikini Brief (2pc) Set 32-42 D-G in CAYENNE print

2012 Swimwear Collection

Bra Cup Sized Swimwear 

Made from Chlorine Resistant fabric.

Underwire. Adjustable straps. Full cup fit.

Linda suggests for US DDD cup: Locally clients try on UK F cup to start and will sometimes end up with UK FF cup or UK G cup depending on how much breast coverage they prefer (try several cup sizes to find your best fit, returning whatever doesn’t fit) –remember there is no standard cup sizing and your bra cup could be a shallow cup fit or an average cup fit or a full cup fit.

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Bra Size: 32D , 32DD , 32E , 32F , 32FF , 32G , 34D , 34DD , 34E , 34F , 34FF , 34G , 36D , 36DD , 36E , 36F , 36FF , 36G , 38D , 38DD , 38E , 38F , 38FF , 38G , 40D , 40DD , 40E , 40F , 40FF , 40G , 42D , 42DD , 42E , 42F , 42FF

Brief/Slacks Sizes: US (UK): , 4-6 US (8 UK) XS , 6-8 US (10 UK) S , 8-10 US (12 UK) M , 10-12 US (14 UK) L , 12-14 US (16 UK) XL

Color: Cayenne

Special Order, Ship expected: Special order 3-5 weeks ship expected while supply lasts.

Draw In a Man’s Attention

The dating world will be absolutely tough at times and if you do not have the correct advice you can absolutely be involved in dreadful dates. Most daters lean towards to ask family for guidance, but the most affective method to get the most helpful advice is to look at a lot of net dating webpages as they are filled with knowledge. Girls, do not have doubt you will absolutely be able to engage your potential lover soon enough when you abide by these not difficult tips to capture a dude’s attention.

1. Have A Sexy Smile

2. Look Clean & Well Manicured

3. Be Outgoing

You have to be wondering, is it true that only three practices absolutely capture a dude’s attention. It is true! You only have to start using these three uncomplicated tips to make sure that you capture the man’s attention. Believe me, if you do this you will have that man loving your style and that is what you need. You never have the knowledge of if your perfect dude is near and all you got to do is give him a hot wink.

Top Three Ways To Bring Back The Passion To Your Partnership



Long term relationships during the course can evolve into a little accustomed which can make one person feel that the spark have been lost. This isn’t accurate at all because the fire is there just the enthusiasm is low. There are lots of directions to sharpen your partnership to take it towards that high moment it once was in the beginning. Below are Three Tips To Bring Some Spice Into Your Companionship:

1. Have A Hang Out Night: Decide on what day out of the week to have the entire night to each other.

2.  Transmit Naughty Texts: Get things started sooner during the day. Shoot dirty text messages or   text messages with photos to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Speak about each and every one of the freaky activities that you desire to do to them that day.

3.  Visit The Sex Toy Department: There is nothing wrong with a couple experimenting with their sexuality on a whole other step. Adding toys behind closed doors can be absolutely stimulating.

Have fun getting your groove back!

Top 10 Most Heart Wrenching Break Up Songs Part #1

In life, through my mediocre life experience but grand due to altered mind states caused by music, I have dealt with the most heart wrenching, break ups and disillusions. A broken heart surely cannot be mended with music. Music actually splits your heart wide open and slowly the venom spews out along with a stream of tears that go perfectly with the mind blowing melodies and guitar riffs of the saddest songs ever. You’ll swim in your tears and they’ll cleanse you off your unyielding pain with time. The songs will become your crutch, your best friends as you stumble through the days with a shattered heart.

Here Are The Top 5 Most Heart Wrenching Break Up Songs:

U2- One

The lyrics to this song are like multiple stab wound s to your heart, but you can’t get away form it. It’s the perfect break up song for a couples that are internally and perhaps eternally hurt.

We’re one but we’re not the same. We hurt each other and we’ll do it again…”

Love & Rockets- Haunted

Love & Rockets- The residue of Bahuas and maybe that in itself, motivated these these guys to write a song that is truly “Haunting…” You know exactly what they’re chanting about. When you can’t escape a person no matter what, because suddenly everything becomes relevant to them. a curse of sorts.

Duran Duran- Ordinary World

All about surviving in a world without the love of your life. Last lyrics- “Ours is just a Little Sorrow Talk.” The remains of a lost love or loss of any kind. Definitely fetal position material.

Pearl Jam- Black

This song is so crazy beautiful and so very sad. The lyrics “All the love gone black, turned my world to black…” kind of explains it all. It’s a killer and then at the end he claims to know: “I know someday you’ll have beautiful life, you’ll be the sun in someone else’s sky.” Truly a heart shattering- You’ll find yourself having this song in repeat while you lay in a puddle of your tears probably dressed all in black.

Depeche Mode- In Your Room

Just imagine vicariously breathing and feeling through someone else. It’s obsession in full bloom. However, though this song is a very good one for a crying spree, it works just as good while making love. You can kind of flip a coin with this one. Obsession is complex- In this song for instance, he doesn’t mind being enslaved by his loved one.

This installment of Just Women Blog is not to depress you, but more to celebrate the power that music has over us. How much we can count on music when we’re all by our lonesome, broken hearted and misunderstood. This tiny playlist will lead you to your own batch of songs that will get you through and accompany you through the most heart wrenching moments in your life. Don’t give up, stay strong-

“Music is your only friend until the end.” -The Doors-

Reality Series “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” Star Kimberly Michelle

Ever since the premiere this talented chick made a appearance on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” fans have become obsessed with trying to find out some more facts on this female.  All we know is that K Michelle has a wonderful frame and a talented songstress. Kimberly Michelle is also the kind hearted mother of a young son whose dad is no other than Memphitz, who has been said to be a huge woman beater and stole lots of money for her record deal to lavish on himself. Ms. K Michelle was offered a contract for Jive Records about 4 years ago, but the recording company didn’t promote her and she has made her way out of that botched recording deal. Ms. K Michelle plans to continue carrying along with her songstress career with no recording company right now, but is thankful for R.Kelly who guide her to be a well-rounded singer over the years.