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Top Movies This Friday Night- June 29, 2012 (What Are You Going To Go See At The Theaters?)

Did you not notice how this week has a brash of cool, funny and sexy movies being released this very day? Well, in case you didn’t, we’re here to inform you that if you’ve been scavenging for something cool to watch this weekend with your date, love one or bud, there’s quite a few choices out there. Best of all, they’re all good for dates, friends, or the modern day nomad.

Here are the Top Movies Being Released This Friday:

 #1. Ted.

Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Seth MacFarlane & Adam Scott.

Basically, this is a comedy about a grown man (Mark Wahlberg) who plays “John Bennet.” He’s now faced with dealing with his out of control childhood, cherished Teddy bear who has come to life and refuses to leave. Rated: R.

 #2. Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection.

Starring: Tyler Perry, Eugene Levy, Romeo Miller & Denise Richards

Obviously another epically funny Tyler Perry “Madea” movie. In this one, a guy who’s company goes belly due to embezzling is put into the witness protection program along with his family, who now are made to live with the tyranny of Madea and her no room for crap antics. Rated: PG-13

 #3. Magic Mike.

Starring: Matthew McConaughey, Alex Pettyfer, Channing Tatum & Matt Bomer

In this movie for the ladies, we follow (Mike) played by “Channing Tatum“. He basically schools a young dude in the fine arts of picking up women, dancing and all around partying. Rated: R

 #4. Take This Walz.

Starring: Seth Rogen, Michelle Williams, Luke Kirby & Sarah Siverman

This little gem is all about a couple that lives in Toronto. When she meets another man sparks immediately fly, though she remains faithful to her husband, it’s quite an ordeal. Rated: R

 #5. Neil Young Journeys.

This for all the music lovers- Neil Young known for his amazing guitar and harmonica skills and hair raising lyrics and lovely ballads. This a documentary of about the sing an song writer with tons of concert footage.

So here you have it. The top movies that will bet heir theatrical debut today… What do you think you’ll be watching tonight? Hot dudes stripping? Neil Young on his enchanting journey and montage of concerts or Mark Wahlberg get into a brawl with a teddy bear?

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Being Kind, Humble & Nice Is A Virtue! (Tips On How To Be A “Good” Person)

Being kind, humble and nice is certainly a virtue, just as being strong, tenacious and honest- even brutally honest. Women can have all these traits and be really triumphant at work, at home, in life and with themselves. Sadly, too many women take, for instance, being strong to a level that is just over the top. They’re no longer strong, per se, but become utter tyrants that people despise.

The same goes for the kind and humble woman. I certainly prefer these traits even when used/or acted upon stupidly, but either way, to be a kind, loving and humble person you don’t have to be everyone’s door mat, you don’t need to take crap from people and you need to speak up! Say what’s on your mind. If there’s anything more attractive in a strong and kind woman combo, is their ability to speak up for themselves and what they stand and believe in.

Being strong is certainly key to achieving any other trait with utter grace. However, as mentioned before there’s no need to be cocky, mean, condensing or demanding. It’s truly more important to be kind, humble and nice. Save your tenacity for the mean people. Naturally, always have your guard up. If you’ve lost focus because your under a lot of pressure and find yourself being a freaky, control freak that’s ultra demanding and border line mean, we have some tips you can check out and perhaps, apply?practice in your waking life…

Tips On How To Be A “Good” Person:

  •  Be Honest About What You Really Think (Challenge Yourself.)

For instance, if you’re asked to wait, you don’t have to say “no problem” nor do you have to lash out like a total witch. Just simply explain that you don’t wish to wait any longer since you’ve already been waiting and you have other appointments and errands that need to be taken care of. Surely, wherever you are, they will try to accommodate you as fast as they possibly can and you weren’t rude and you didn’t lie.

  •  Comprehend That Success Is Not A Game.

Traditionally, the space for women at the work place has been narrow. Just because one woman gets a promotion and you don’t or vice versa doesn’t mean you’ve lost. Someone had to get the promotion. Remember you’re not competitors but collaborators. Don’t go against your lady co-workers. Work together and don’t throw each other under the bus. It’s best to have a girly, side kick than an enemy at the work place. This will keep you good. Be proud of each other!

  •  Do Not Do Things That Feed Into Your Worst Delusions About Yourself!

Whether it’s watching a show that reminds you of your short comings or those of people you care for. Lurking about Facebook, checking out profiles of people you don’t like out of spite and envy…Don’t do this! This is- so very bad. This is potent poison that will only make you angry, bitter and worst of all you’re going to be feeling truly bad about yourself. Find activities and past times that will feed your brain and heart and make you feel good about yourself. Built your self esteem, don’t knock it down.

  •  Don’t Tear People Down With Despicable Words & Phrases.

Before you go on a rampage on how much someone sucks in a graphic and disgusting way, think about how it would sound if it came out of your daughter’s mouth or your little niece, or a younger woman that’s dear and close to you. Moreover, think about what it would feel like if what you say would be said about this dear person in your life. You don’t have to like everyone. Most people are not very likeable, do you want to join them? Don’t loose your dignity by being completely nasty about someone else. I’m sure you can find something else to talk about.

Above are some examples of ways to be a better person and examples of things not to do that prevent you from being the fundamentally good person you were before you got so jaded. We live in a cruel world with cruel people and their cruel intentions. Do we join them, or do we embrace being kind, humble and nice? Lead through example… Happy and nice people are contagious. I’m positive other people might not mind being infected with your sunny disposition.

The Special Ingredient To Mind Blowing Sex

It’s a bummer when you’re dating someone you truly like but when you hit the sack, it’s really not all that. Not because he’s not good or vice versa, but because there’s just something missing when the two of you get naked and get down and dirty or better yet…”attempt.” Everyone, whether they’re aware of it or not crave a perfect physical connection. This is what results in mind blowing sex, usually. The bodies have to fancy each other to have Earth chattering results.

If you’re lacking chemistry in the bedroom with your new guy despite the obvious connection there is a special ingredient that we all luckily possess, free of charge that should ignite things in the bedroom for you and your main squeeze.

This secret ingredient for mind blowing sex is called: Kissing. Kissing is the ultimate turn on. It can literally kick things off the stadium. The more you kiss through out the days and weeks, the more you and your guy are going to want each other. You see, when you kiss you get a dose of testosterone from your man’s saliva. The more you kiss, the more doses of testosterone you receive which causes galore of arousal.

Kissing should naturally be real helpful in turning up the heat in the bedroom for couples. But if the bodies continue to disagree and you still feel like there’s something missing, then it’s time to spill out the truth. The fact of the matter is, that you can’t fake true chemistry, either it’s there or it isn’t. Some couples might need a little more time than others but when you reach your threshold, be honest and be sure you’re not naked…

Talking about issues such as sex, lack of chemistry in sex while being naked is truly uncomfortable and it makes you feel three times more vulnerable and your partner.

Good luck with the special ingredient to mind blowing sex. It will take you to unexpected heights of euphoria. Use freely, love passionately and deeply and always be true to yourself and your partner.

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5 Marriage Topics You Should Never Share

People in general love to gossip and share stories, which can be fun at times. Other times it can be quite an awkward moment when you divulge personal information about what is going on in your marriage to your friends. There are certain issues or concerns in your marriage that should only stay between you and your spouse. No one needs to know the nitty greedy about everything that you both do and share. Here is a list of the 5 Marriage Information You Should Never Share:

1. TMI Regarding Sex: It’s always fun to boost about your sex life, but when you begin telling your friend about your husband’s pet name for his penis, and then it just becomes weird. How do you expect your friends to come over and face your husband when they all know he calls his “tool” Mr. Wiggle. Do not share info about your husband’s sexual fantasies, pet names for his penis, etc.

2. Debts: It doesn’t matter how much you are in debt or how little of a debt you and your husband have. The point is this really pays tribute on how financial you both are as a couple, plus you don’t want to brag about the little to non debt you have to a friend who might be struggling. They might unintentionally become resentful. Also, don’t express how much in debt you are as your friends might not invite you out or over to their home because they are afraid or feel guilty to show you that they are doing well.

3. Husband Dislikes Friend: In many marriages there is a high chance that a friend of yours, your husband doesn’t like. There is no need to tell your friend that your husband doesn’t like them especially if this friend never did anything to get disliked. If you do tell this will cause a lot of tension between you, your friend and husband. No need to lose friendships or offend anyone.

4. Husband Is A Jerk: It’s okay to vent to your friends when you need to about how difficult at times your husband can be, but when you only talk about his short comings and make him out to be the biggest douche of life your friends will never forget this. They will always associate him being an a-hole because of how you had constantly complained about him.

5. Monthly Income: There is no need to discuss how much money you and your spouse makes in a monthly basis as this can become an issue with friends. If you make too much, they might once again unintentionally resent you or constantly ask for loans. If you don’t make as much as them they might treat you a bit beneath them or don’t invite you to places because once again they will feel that you cannot afford a night out on the town.

Marriages can sometimes take work and be difficult at times with other issues, but if you can lower your risk of fights, issues, etc; then do so by following this advice of what you shouldn’t be sharing with your friends.

The ‘Being a Bitch’ Culture/Trend Should Re Analyzed & Severed

It would be an understatement to say that women have gone above and beyond to show exactly how heartless and mean they are. This is the way that many women show how very confident, self- assured and in control they are. This is the kind of garbage that has been imbedded into women’s minds through ridiculous/fake “reality shows” such as “The Bad Girls Club,” “The Real Housewives,” “The Bachelor,” “The Millionaire Matchmaker” and many more.

I’m not trying to imply to dislike these reality TV shows. They’re suppose to be entertaining, utterly ridiculous & fun. But when you adopt the behaviors of the women of such shows that get off by bringing each other down and stabbing each other in the back- is this really who you want to be? Is this what you think is cool and empowering? If you do, well, then you’re an impressionable 20 year old, or worse, you’re an almost old bitter hag, that’s resorted to being a mean bitch to feel better about yoursself on the backs and misfortunes of others. Isn’t that just pathetic?

Whatever happened to shows such as “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Xena” where they held their friendships so close to their hearts, it almost conveyed as female romances? Sadly, shows of this nature hardly have room in today’s- Bitch Culture in which all shows are packing with mean girls/women that are considered strong, beautiful and successful by the majority of the population.

Do you enjoy being brain washed? How is making fun of someone for their short comings in fashion nice or empowering? It’s cruel and thoughtless. It really makes you look ugly! How can you possibly think that being a total bitch can make you more attractive, seductive or wanted. You’re wrong, it simply makes you mean!

If men is what you’re after, most of them will prefer a woman that’s a little less “empowered,” if you will, for a woman that can extend a generous and genuine action. That’s what an empowered woman does! She extends her hand to her fellow “sister” that just slipped and fell. One that offers comforting words to a stranger that she spots crying. If that is not empowering, I don’t what is? However, one thing is for sure, watching a woman fall and turning your head to giggle and poke fun with another mean girl isn’t. Ladies wake up from the Bitch Culture/Trend! It’s unbecoming of you.

Continue watching and listening to music that promotes these behaviors (You should be able to handle it without a disgraceful change in your personality.) But don’t you have a mind of your own? Just because these shows are entertaining doesn’t mean you have to reenact these women. For the most part they are simply acting and are under contract. Maybe they are real enemies, but you just might be, being taken for a ride and these Real Housewives are truly good friends that would go into battle for each other like Xena would for her BFF.

You might consider watching one of these truly women empowering movies. Where the bonds are tight and the women show true grit and spine. Truly, the kind of women we should aspire to be. Powerful but subtle. Beautiful but humble. Kind but not stupid and so and so forth…

 #1. Thelma and Louise- This movie is by far the definition of “girl power” and true friendship. This flick will make mad, sad, cry, laugh and then cry some more. Two women truly liberated from not only men but culture and anything else in between.

#2. Fried Green Tomatoes- Again in this movie illustrates the beautiful bond between two women. It’s funny, its sad and most of all- it is inspiring to the very core.

 #3. Practical Magic- This movie taps into magic, but moreover, the magic of sisterhood and all women coming together to get rid evil. It’s a charming movie, also funny and truly moving.

At the end of the day, women’s biggest oppressor is Culture, Trends and Fads. Who do you think puts these fads out there? Really, take a few moments and re-analyze the Bitch- Culture Trend, especially if you feel you’ve fallen under it’s grip. Sever this illusion  of mean women equals “Powerful” and use your noggin and your heart. You will find the true inner strength that you bestow through wit and kindness.


5 Cute Dresses For Under $50

The summer time is here and it is time to show off your figure in a cute summer dress. There are plenty of inexpensive dresses that you can wear both to work and a night on the town. You just have to add a little bit of accessories to revamp the outfit and you are good to go. These dresses are definitely in style and are simply fun to wear this summer. Here are the 5 Cute Dresses For Under $50:

1. Old Navy Pintucked Prairie Dress: This dress comes in several different colors and prints; which makes it such a fun dress to wear. It is light and airy as well as sexy country chic.

2. Delias Stripe Chambray Dress: This dress is absolutely fantastic and screams out “Hello summer I am ready!” It is a fun striped dress sporting light blue and white stripes with a fun brown waist high belt.

3. Nasty Gal Tribal Stripe Dress: If you love patterns then this is the dress for you! It comes in a funky yellow and black design and can be sported with heels, ankle high boots or flats.

4. Urban Outfitters Pins and Needles Striped Floral Mix Dress: This dress is perfect for those who love floral print and striped dresses. It has the best of both worlds and is super light and comfortable to wear during the day and night.

5. ASOS Mini Body Conscious Dress In Spot Print with Cross Straps: You can’t have a list of summer dresses with a polka dot dress. This dress is done with a very tasteful polka dot pattern and has a sexy cross strap back that gives a bit of reveal of your back.

All of these dresses are beyond affordable and are all super sexy and fun. Make sure to be stylish this summer with any one of these dresses. You can see all of these dresses on their respective online sites so that you can make a decision on which one you will be sporting in a matter of time. Stay fun and chic this summer!

How To Get Rid Of Cellulite?

Cellulite is very common in many women. What most women didn’t realize is that you don’t have to be over weigh or curvaceous to be a victim of pesty cellulite. Skinny women get cellulite as well and it’s really common as well. It’s just one of those other things women have to live with. Sadly, there is no miracle lotion to get rid of cellulite, but we do have some really good methods that will help them diminish and seem less apparent.

Here are some methods you might want to try out that will help you get rid/disguise some cellulite:

  #1. Tone Up!

Less fat does not equal less cellulite, but strengthening exercises that work out your problem areas is key. Having some muscle makes the fat on top lie much more smoother.

  #2. Eat Less Salt.

Keep your intake of salt below 1,500 milligrams per day and this will reduce water retention. Retaining less water will automatically reduce the appearance of cellulite.

  #3. Using Cream With Caffeine, Retinol Or Pepper Extract.

Creams that contain the ingredients mentioned above are irritants to the skin which cause swelling which in turn makes cellulite less noticeable. The effect lasts just for a few hours, but women just love it.

  #4. Get A Self-Tanner.

Self-Tanners make skin look much more even, therefore, disguising the appearance of cellulite.

While you may not be able to get rid of cellulite for good, there are plenty of tricks and methods you can try that actually work in reducing the appearance of cellulite. All the methods mentioned above are rather easy and if done properly, you might be loving your skin in just minutes.

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